NLP Word Patterns

//NLP Word Patterns

NLP Word Patterns

In our NLP Training we identify that people indicate how they are thinking and which representational system that they are using by the words that they use, the phrases that they use, their language.

The language, words and phrases that we currently use indicate our preferred representational system. In NLP we call these words predicates.

Noticing peoples predicates, is a really important skill to use when you are on the telephone, especially if you are selling on the telephone.   You can increase your sales and therefore your income dramatically by listening to the predicates that people use and replying to them by using words and phrases from their preferred representational system.

So, you notice which words that they are using, whether it be, visual, auditory, kinesthetic or unspecified or auditory digital, and you reply to them using words from the same representational system.

This is part of a process in NLP called Building Rapport. You match their tone of voice, speed of voice – bear in mind that visual people will be talking quickly, kinesthetic people slowly, the loudness and their predicates.  Listen to them and you will be able to tell their preferred representational system.

NLP Predicates


The fact is that you probably like the words for your preferred representational system.  So, if you are reading this and you are visual you probably like to take a look at something and see how it is going to be. If you are auditory then you like to hear the right sounds and if you are kinesthetic, then you like to just get a feel of the words.

These words are just great for gaining rapport.  The first thing to do in building rapport over the phone is to match voice tonality and the second is to match predicates.

In NLP we believe that the descriptions that we use to describe what is going on in our head are not metaphorical descriptions, they are actually real and accurate descriptions. Therefore if someone says, ‘you know I just can’t see what you mean’, that means that they really cannot see what you mean.  It means that they have been unable to make a picture in their head of what you have been talking to them about.

If someone says, it doesn’t sound right, then it may mean that your tone of voice is not appropriate for them to be able to decide that.  If someone says that they ‘don’t feel right’ about an issue then it means that you haven’t said the right things to make them feel right about it.

If they say ‘this does not make sense’, then it means that you have not given them enough reasonable, rational digital information.

I have regularly come across sales people who just haven’t understood people, just haven’t given their clients what they needed to hear to make the sale.

I have heard clients say, ‘I just can’t get a grasp of how that product is going to benefit me.’ and the adviser would say, ‘Let me show you again, so you can see how it meets your needs.‘  Now, ‘can’t get a grasp’ is kinesthetic language and the adviser replied, ‘show you’ and ‘so you can see’ these are visual words and replying like this just blows the rapport out of the water.  No wonder the client feels like he cannot grasp it!

If the sales person really understood predicates then when the client said ‘I just can’t get a grasp of how that product is going to benefit me.’ he would have replied, ‘let me help you get a hold on why this product meets fits your needs…..‘ ‘get a hold on’ and ‘fits‘ are kinesthetic words.

During our NLP Training we work to make sure that our graduates feel comfortable using each of the representational systems, so that by the time that they certificate in NLP they can get in rapport instantly as and when they need it.

If we begin to use these techniques from NLP, we will increase our chances of building rapport and increase our chances of getting the results that we want.

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