Who wants change?

Nobody and everyone.

Sounds like a contradiction? It is.

Everyone wants to be better, especially better at what we do best. At the same time our brain is set up to reject change.

The human brain loves familiarity, it is easily able to make sense of things that are familiar and struggles with things that it can not immediately recognise – thus it encourages us to stay the same.

We must resist the urge to stay the same, break through our comfort zones and change in order  to get better and have more fulfilling lives.

How to find happines and feel at ease with life

As a coach people often tell me about their problems. In fact I ask them questions about their challenges and problems. We work a way through them, before that I always ask them:

“What would you like to have instead?” It is always great to have an objective to work towards.

The most common response and in […]

Six ways to get primed for success and happiness

The more that we understand about how the brain and the nervous system work in harmony together the more importance we are beginning to attach to the unconscious influences of our environment and how we spend our time. Are you priming yourself for happiness and success?

We are all blessed with an amazing piece of equipment […]

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