Day Trading chart patterns

Day Trading is short term trading.

A trade that is completed within a trading day is day trading. In and out within a day.

Price charts repeat and repeat the same measurement of emotional content in the market.

Throughout the day opportunities exist to pick up patterns in price action that can present better than 50% probability of a directional move in one direction or another.

Double tops and triangles are two of the most familiar types of chart patterns.

Traders look for familiar patterns to take advantage of these opportunities to make money.

Trading the open on the DAX | How to day trade the DAX open | 1 minute chart

Today we are again Trading the open on the DAX 1 minute chart. In the early hours of trading the DAX often provides a couple of excellent trades within an identifiable framework. We discuss this framework in detail on our trading courses and using the price action from today you can get an incite into […]

Chart patterns and trading analysis on the DAX 1 minute chart | 13th November 2017

In todays video I talk you through two trades that I identified on the DAX 1 minute chart.

We start with premarket analysis a few minutes before the Dax opens at 8am UK time. I always use the higher timeframe charts in order to get an overview of recent price action.

The longer term uptrend is pausing […]

How to trade double tops and double bottoms for a living

You can make a living from just trading double tops and double bottoms. If you are learning to trade and you have to pick one chart pattern to learn first then learn to trade double tops and double bottoms.

These patterns occur in every market and on every timeframe and they occur regularly. I’m going to […]

Day trading chart analysis | Trend continuation trading

Continuing our series of videos on day trading chart analysis. In todays video we review a few trend continuation trades from this mornings price action on the DAX.

Every morning brings new opportunities in the markets. Using the 5 minute timeframe Anthony starts the day by reviewing overnight trading to determine the opening range for the […]

How to draw high probability support and resistance levels



Trading is like a big jigsaw with lots of pieces in it. One of the pieces of the jigsaw that reveals important clues to the bigger picture is support and resistance levels.

We are going to look at how to discover and draw high probability support and resistance levels on our charts so that […]

Scalping the open on the DAX – trading bull and bear traps

Today we review several excellent scalping opportunities on the DAX in the morning session.

We review 1.5 hours of trading action on the one minute timeframe and assess the trading opportunities presented during this time.

Master Trader, Anthony explains what to look out for in preparing for trading the open, the key support and resistance levels to […]

Ascending Triangle on DAX – 3rd July 2017

This Ascending Triangle appeared from a quiet morning of trading on the DAX. I don’t normally trade all day but I do like to look out for early morning trading opportunities and after a big down week on the DAX last week I was waiting with anticipation to see what the markets would offer […]

MACD Bullish and Bearish Divergence with Price

MACD bullish and bearish divergence with price is one of the factors that traders use to judge the end of a trend or strong directional move. Usually some kind of tradable reversal takes place after a bullish or bearish divergence between the MACD indicator and price. We will look at a couple of examples […]

Double Top (variant) on FTSE – 27th June 2017

This double top variant appeared today on the FTSE just before lunchtime. I say double top variant because it could also be described as a Head & Shoulders top if it weren’t for the fact that the head was lower than the shoulders. It’s an unusual pattern but it traded just perfectly.

The chart above shows […]

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