Day Trading chart patterns

Day Trading is short term trading.

A trade that is completed within a trading day is day trading. In and out within a day.

Price charts repeat and repeat the same measurement of emotional content in the market.

Throughout the day opportunities exist to pick up patterns in price action that can present better than 50% probability of a directional move in one direction or another.

Double tops and triangles are two of the most familiar types of chart patterns.

Traders look for familiar patterns to take advantage of these opportunities to make money.

How to identify and trade trading ranges | FTSE 100

Markets spend 70% of the time at least in trading ranges so learning how to identify and trade trading ranges is vital for any aspiring trader. We are going to take a look at a textbook trading range from todays action on the FTSE 100 index to help you identify a trading range and profit […]

Day Trading FTSE & DAX 5 minute charts | 17th May 2017

We have three day trades to review for you from this morning. One trade was a gap close on the FTSE 100 and the other two trades were on the DAX.

These type of chart patterns occur regularly on the FSTE and the DAX indices. Our aim for reviewing these trades for you is so that […]

Trading different market conditions – DAX index 3rd and 4th May 2017

Two mornings and two very different trading conditions on the DAX index over the last two days.

Have a look at the charts above. On the face of it you might just see one chart on the left where the market is going down and another chart on the right where the market is going up. […]

Double bottom, bear trap and failed double top on DAX

Today I’m going to highlight some interesting trades on the DAX one minute timeframe.

There are three trades that we took and that are contained in the chart above. Two of the trades worked perfectly and the third worked out ok but didn’t reach target.

As always the idea in highlighting our trades is to enable you […]

Head & Shoulders chart pattern on the Dow Jones | 12th April 2017

We had a textbook Head & Shoulders chart pattern present itself on the Dow Jones index last night which offered a good trade.

The Dow is a popular day trading index for US traders. Also lots of our students in the UK are working full-time and trading part-time as they build up their trading accounts ready […]

Wedge chart pattern on Dax | 12th April 2017

We had a couple of great trades after a wedge chart pattern on the DAX today which I thought you may be interested in. Let me talk you through the trades and the price action.

The chart above is the one minute chart on the DAX. You can see the wedge or channel encased in the […]

Head & Shoulders chart patterns on the DAX | April 2017

Head & Shoulders chart patterns show up at the tops and bottoms of price swings and are common on most markets. Here are four Head and Shoulders patterns on the DAX that have dominated trading over the last few days.

When a market is in a medium term trading range as the DAX is at the moment […]

Pullback reversal on EURUSD | 24th March 2017

A pullback reversal happens when a market breaks out of a zone or range, pulls back to the range and then reverses, thus confirming the breakout. We are going to look at a good example from the EUR/USD currency pair market.

The chart above is a 5 minute chart and it has three moving average indicators […]

Big bear breakout & trend on the DAX | 21st March 2017

Today we are going to examine a big bear breakout and trend on the DAX.

Most of the time recently the DAX has been in a trading range. It is very tricky making money when the market is in a trading range if you are using a strategy that relies on momentum. Reversal and countertrend trades […]

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