Success = Doing what others don’t like doing

Having worked in a sales environment for over twenty years I have been asked many times what it is that separates successful salespeople from the ‘also rans.’  If I was to pick out one thing in particular that I think made the difference, then the answer is that successful salespeople regularly do the things that […]

Success = Doing what others don’t like doing2017-10-24T12:04:47+01:00

Coaching – Keep your values out of it!

One of the key attributes of a successful coach is their ability to discuss someone else’s circumstances without offering any sort of opinion, without giving them advice and without imposing their own model of the world. Given that we habitually do involve our own opinions, our own model of the world in conversations unconsciously and […]

Coaching – Keep your values out of it!2017-10-24T12:04:47+01:00

Are you considering executive coaching?

So, you are considering whether or not to engage a professional coach.  You may be wondering if coaching can benefit you specifically in your line of work, or with your particular life situation.

Well, if you are wondering that then I can tell you that, yes, coaching would definitely benefit you.

Let me give you […]

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Grow your business with collaborative coaching

My primary aim in coaching anyone is to make a positive and lasting difference to them. I believe that I can consistently achieve this aim by assisting people to overcome the worlds most popular internal block.  This internal block is variously described as lack of confidence, fear of failure, and lack […]

Grow your business with collaborative coaching2017-10-24T12:04:53+01:00

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