Having coached in business and trained in NLP I set up Excellence Assured in 2010 and became an executive coach.

I provided executive coaching to directors and managers in business mainly in the Sheffield area for ten years before expanding my operations online.

Now I use online platforms to provide executive coaching to clients worldwide.

Everyone needs someone to listen to them. I mean someone to really listen. Executive coaches have refined listening skills that people find valuable. Speaking with an exectutive coach helps people to verbalise their ideas and if needed receive 3rd party feedback to really crystallise their thoughts.

Are you considering executive coaching?

So, you are considering whether or not to engage a professional coach.  You may be wondering if coaching can benefit you specifically in your line of work, or with your particular life situation.

Well, if you are wondering that then I can tell you that, yes, coaching would definitely benefit you.

Let me give you […]

Grow your business with collaborative coaching

My primary aim in coaching anyone is to make a positive and lasting difference to them. I believe that I can consistently achieve this aim by assisting people to overcome the worlds most popular internal block. 

This internal block is variously described as lack of confidence, fear […]

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