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At our Trading Academy we help people learn to trade.

Trading is a profession and a past-time that has become very popular over the last 20+ years, since the beginning of the internet age. Now people can trade and make money from home!

A word of caution – anything involving money also involves risk. Traders can make and lose a fortune online, from home day trading.

We help people with methods and mentality used by professional traders so that you learn to trade with the best possible chances of success.

An introduction to trading – Learn to trade the markets

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the markets?


Your introduction to trading – Learn to trade the markets. For over 160 years stock & commodity markets have been offering traders the opportunity to win or lose a fortune in an instant.

Once the sole domain of the institutional traders and super rich battling it […]

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How to trade forex – Free ebook – learn to trade forex on the 5 minute timeframe

EURUSD - Trading the 5 minute timeframe - BookLearn how to trade forex markets with Anthony Beardsell in his new Ebook – EUR/USD and the Forex Markets – Trading the 5 minute timeframe.

In this 162 page book, Anthony provides a system to use in trading forex on […]

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EUR/USD Trading system using compounding

Throughout this series we have been identifying trades that provide a 2:1 reward to risk ratio. This type of reward to risk ratio on trades is a vital ingredient for beginner trades to ensure that they are able to start growing their accounts. Beginner traders especially will make mistakes. We all did it at […]

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Trading breakouts and trend continuation on the EUR/USD – 5 minute chart

As we begin week 5 of reviews on trading breakouts and trend continuation on the EUR/USD – 5 minute chart we approach Christmas. Often trading volume lowers a little in the run up to Christmas. However the Forex markets almost always have sufficient volume and volatility to produce the type of trading opportunities that we […]

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Best way to trade the EUR/USD – 5 minute timeframe system

This is week 4 in this series of blogs where I am highlighting the best way to trade the EUR/USD. We are concentrating on the 5 minute timeframe charts for this system.

Throughout this series I am providing daily reviews on the price action on the EUR/USD and highlighting trading opportunities that fit the specific criteria […]

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How to trade the EUR/USD forex market for profit using 5 minute timeframe

Trade the EUR/USD forex market for profit – 5 minute timeframe system – Week 3

4th December 2017

Trade EURUSD for profit 041217

The EUR/USD produced a fairly tight overnight range on this Monday morning to allow us to take an early morning trade for profit.

In this series we are […]

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Trading the EURUSD using the 5 minute chart – Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our review of trading the EUR/USD using the 5 minute chart.

Each day in this series we are reviewing the EUR/USD forex market price action to highlight for you the repeated patterns that forex markets create. Learn to read these patterns using our reviews and in future you can take advantage […]

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EURUSD 5 minute trading system review – week 1

EUR/USD 20th Nov 2017

The EURUSD was unusually active overnight. The reason for this is that there is political “turmoil” in Germany due to Merkel failing to secure a coalition government. This is a news event and our 5 minute EURUSD system does not take trades based on news.


EURUSD am 201117

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How to trade the EUR/USD forex market on the 5 minute timeframe

Anthony Beardsell presenting trading training Learn to trade with Anthony Beardsell

Over the next few weeks I am going to illustrate a specific method which will show you how to trade the EUR/USD forex market on the 5 minute timeframe.

My aim for this trading series is to enable […]

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