The all new Mind Management & Mindfulness programme

It’s been a busy few months for me at Excellence Assured. In between the NLP and Coaching training courses that I run in the UK and working with our students on our online courses I’ve buried myself away, written and built a brand new online training course. […]

Miracles and magic – the power of the unconscious mind

Your unconscious mind preserves and maintains your body

Have you ever considered what happens in order for your body to heal from injuries? What is it that ensures that you breathe while you are asleep? You don’t do these things consciously do you? Is it a miracle? Is it magic? Is it the unconscious mind?

Our unconscious […]

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Six ways to get primed for success and happiness

The more that we understand about how the brain and the nervous system work in harmony together the more importance we are beginning to attach to the unconscious influences of our environment and how we spend our time. Are you priming yourself for happiness and success?

We are all blessed with an amazing piece of equipment […]

The Triune Brain – How your mind works

In this video post I explain how our human brain has evolved over the past centuries to give us the brain that we have today.

This is the Triune Brain model that explains how your mind works. It helps us to understand how we think, why we get fearful, angry and how our unconscious processes are […]

Improve your mind management through mindfulness

I hope that your world is rocking at the moment. Spring is a fantastic time of year in the UK, with the leaves coming on the trees, the plants and shrubs starting to grow again. I am extremely excited in particular this year as some of my plans are coming to fruition and I hope […]

How are your Mind Management skills?

The extent of your happiness and current level of success in life largely comes down to your mind management skills. 

Having spent the last twenty years studying and working with people who are being successful, occasionally having success myself, I have noticed that one of the things that these people consistently do […]

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