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Develop a mindset of abundance

If you have taken one of our leadership courses or read some of my blogs then you will know that I encourage my clients to pay attention to their inner saboteur. Pay attention to it, so that you recognise it when it is getting in your way and pay attention to it so that you [...]

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The art of asking questions

Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers - Tony Robbins The most powerful gift that we have in our communication with others is our ability to ask questions. Sadly it is an ability that most people neglect and it is a gift that remains undelivered in most of our [...]

The art of asking questions2017-10-24T12:04:36+00:00

Success = Doing what others don’t like doing

Having worked in a sales environment for over twenty years I have been asked many times what it is that separates successful salespeople from the 'also rans.'  If I was to pick out one thing in particular that I think made the difference, then the answer is that successful salespeople regularly do the things that [...]

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Coaching – Keep your values out of it!

One of the key attributes of a successful coach is their ability to discuss someone else's circumstances without offering any sort of opinion, without giving them advice and without imposing their own model of the world. Given that we habitually do involve our own opinions, our own model of the world in conversations unconsciously and [...]

Coaching – Keep your values out of it!2017-10-24T12:04:47+00:00

How to win a penalty shootout

As an England and Sheffield United football supporter I have suffered greatly over the years from temporary emotional distress caused by penalty shootout losses!  They always provide great drama, and for the victors great joy, but what a terrible wrench it is to see your team sitting near the centre circle with heads in hands, [...]

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NLP in Therapy – Finding the problem

On the face of it, finding the problem with a client may not seem too tricky. Clients come to see you and all they can talk about, all they can think about is their problem. Their problem is their life, and that is often their problem, they cannot see anything in their life other than [...]

NLP in Therapy – Finding the problem2017-10-24T12:04:49+00:00
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