NLP Coaching

Life coaches, sports coach and business coaches all use forms of NLP in their coaching practices.

NLP is versatile and effective for creating change. Who wants to stay the same all their life?

In the early days the creators of NLP, Bandler and Grinder modelled therapists,

Tony Robbins used NLP to create the first model of life coaching and made millions out of teaching others. Tony made coaching famous and used NLP to help people develop personally.


The powerful impact of your words – Using NLP

How easy do you think that it is to change a habit that has been around for 40+ years?

The answer is: Super easy. If you know how the brain works and how to use language to positively influence thought, then it can happen instantaneously!

Sound unlikely? Uncommon? It isn’t, habit change is simple if you use […]

NLP Intervention Therapy (NLPIT) – Get something done

NLP Intervention Therapy (NLPIT) takes a dynamic approach to change.

Get something done to improve your life – something concrete to build upon and take you forward. Talking is useful and when talking just isn’t enough for you then NLP it!

Using NLP interventions, this is life affirming therapy with a coaching technology – because we know […]

NLP and the 7 habits of effective people – first things first

First things first- Is it simply the best Time management tool of all time or a complete system for effective life management?

Today I have a treat for you. When I was at the peak of my corporate career around about the turn of the millennium I came across the book First Things First by Stephen […]

Your race to success – ideas to create your best year yet

Join me live at our recent leadership & NLP conference in London.

I really want you to be living at your best. For you and your family I want you to really at your best in the year to come.

Start your race to success for the next twelve months here.

Learn ideas and secrets to mastery used […]

Use NLP in your Coaching Practice (for the very best reasons)

Use NLP in your Coaching Practice. I would whole-heartedly recommend it. You will find that it delivers outstanding results!
All coaches use NLP. The best coaches use NLP deliberately in their coaching pracice.
NLP is a study of how we humans use our brains to communicate internally and also with others. It concerns how we construct our […]

Develop a mindset of abundance

If you have taken one of our leadership courses or read some of my blogs then you will know that I encourage my clients to pay attention to their inner saboteur. Pay attention to it, so that you recognise it when it is getting in your way and pay attention to it so that you […]

The art of asking questions

Successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers – Tony Robbins

The most powerful gift that we have in our communication with others is our ability to ask questions. Sadly it is an ability that most people neglect and it is a gift that remains undelivered in most of our communication.

A […]

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