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NLP in Therapy – Finding the problem

On the face of it, finding the problem with a client may not seem too tricky. Clients come to see you and all they can talk about, all they can think about is their problem. Their problem is their life, and that is often their problem, they cannot see anything in their life […]

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Are you considering executive coaching?

So, you are considering whether or not to engage a professional coach.  You may be wondering if coaching can benefit you specifically in your line of work, or with your particular life situation.

Well, if you are wondering that then I can tell you that, yes, coaching would definitely benefit you.

Let me give you […]

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Are you aware of your mask?

In my childhood one of the things that I remember was the significant amount of order in the household.  On Mondays certain things happened, on Tuesdays certain things happened, on Wednesdays certain things happened.  I knew what we were going to have for tea on the Thursday it was gammon and mash night, […]

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Developing listening skills for coaching

Recently we discussed paying attention to the way in which we listen to other people.  Listening is one of those unconscious skills that we have.  When we are young we learn that we can hear what someone else is saying and immediately the skill of listening transfers from a conscious process, one that […]

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NLP Coaching – Model for Change

Continuing our series on NLP Coaching, I would like to introduce you to the Coaching Model for Change.

Most of us have things that we don’t particularly like in terms of our own behaviour.  Generally they are behaviours that do not support the general way that we want to live our lives. […]

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Achieving what you want – NLP Goals

GoalsThink of something that you achieved in your life.  Do that now, go on.

Have you got something?  It could be anything e.g. passing your driving test, having children, passing exams, eating less and losing weight.  Anything like that.

So, have you got something?  Good.

How was […]

Achieving what you want – NLP Goals2017-10-24T12:04:54+01:00

Are you really listening? – NLP Coaching


Think about a conversation that you had today.  Were you really listening to the other person? Were you fully engaged in the conversation, or was your mind on other things at the same time?

You will be aware when I mention it, that there are different […]

Are you really listening? – NLP Coaching2019-05-27T14:07:28+01:00
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