NLP Coaching

Life coaches, sports coach and business coaches all use forms of NLP in their coaching practices.

NLP is versatile and effective for creating change. Who wants to stay the same all their life?

In the early days the creators of NLP, Bandler and Grinder modelled therapists,

Tony Robbins used NLP to create the first model of life coaching and made millions out of teaching others. Tony made coaching famous and used NLP to help people develop personally.


Creating change through visualisation

You can make pictures in your head, can’t you? Yes, you can. Of course you can.

Now, don’t think of a blue tree….

Did you think of a blue tree?  Did you picture a blue tree? So, not only can you picture things in your head, you can also construct pictures in your head of things that […]

Why doesn’t dieting work?

Weight loss is a massive industry worldwide and getting bigger by the year, excuse the pun! How would you like to lose weight and it cost you nothing? Read on.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix, a way to lose weight with minimum effort and without drastically changing their lifestyle, this seems to be why […]

Are you aware of your mask?

In my childhood one of the things that I remember was the significant amount of order in the household.  On Mondays certain things happened, on Tuesdays certain things happened, on Wednesdays certain things happened.  I knew what we were going to have for tea on the Thursday it was gammon and mash night, […]

NLP Coaching – Model for Change

Continuing our series on NLP Coaching, I would like to introduce you to the Coaching Model for Change.

Most of us have things that we don’t particularly like in terms of our own behaviour.  Generally they are behaviours that do not support the general way that we want to live our lives. […]

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