Video is one of the most effective modes through which to learn NLP.

Successful habits come from practice and repetition. With video you can repeat, practice and repeat until you achieve.

Our NLP training uses a 4 mode system to answer your questions in trainings. We answer, why, what, how and what if? Then you’ve got it!

NLP Modelling – how to create excellence using NLP

NLP modelling – the creation of excellence

One of the major outcomes from learning NLP is that you learn tools and techniques that enable you to develop excellence in your chosen field and in fact in any area of your life. This is one of the most valuable processes in NLP.

At Master Practitioner level […]

How to deal with trauma and phobias using NLP – Webinar

Some estimates say that up to 70% of people have experienced some level of trauma in their lives. The impact of trauma can be significant and can impact negatively on lots of areas of peoples lives. It can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. In this webinar we are going to look specifically at how NLP […]

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How do I get NLP working for me? – Webinar

How do I get NLP working for me? How to get rid of bad habits. 

I want this webinar to add real value to you. NLP solves real problems for people and it creates change, so amongst other things during this particular webinar we provide you with some exercises for you to do to help you […]

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The Triune Brain – How your mind works

In this video post I explain how our human brain has evolved over the past centuries to give us the brain that we have today.

This is the Triune Brain model that explains how your mind works. It helps us to understand how we think, why we get fearful, angry and how our unconscious processes are […]

Four levels of listening – improve your listening skills

How often do you pay attention to how deeply you are listening to someone? If you want to build relationships, if you want to improve your communication skills, if you want to make more sales and definitely if you want to be a coach, then you must pay attention to and develop your listening skills.

In […]

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