Learning NLP

Learning NLP can be done through taking formal courses and this is useful because it results in a professional qualification.

Typically people in NLP work in HR, therapy, coaching and leadership roles, although it is a valuable qualification in any field.

An initial interest in NLP can be developed by using some of the free resources that are available in the modern world. Read a book, or look up information on websites like this one.

Here we have an academy of NLP which helps students of all levels and provides free information as well as world-class training courses.

Learn NLP with confidence at our academy and through these pages..

A unique experience in quality learning – from a newly certified NLP Practitioner

A newly certified NLP Practitioner speaks about our course

I am a newly qualified NLP Practitioner from Excellence Assured NLP Academy. This was a unique and quality learning experience.

As I say – This training was very unique to me and I observed that it brings with it so many other benefits.

Like for example: For a […]

Use NLP techniques to tap into your brain’s natural pleasure centre

In this article I am going to explain how NLP techniques tap into our brain’s natural pleasure centres. This will reveal to you one reason why NLP works so well!

You will get good value from this if have any level of interest in NLP. If you prefer watching to reading then watch the video below.

You […]

NLP Strategies & Modelling – An example

One of the huge benefits of learning NLP is that you can adopt any kind of skill and behaviour that you admire in others and have it for yourself. Skills that we possess in life contain strategies that are hidden deep down in our system and when we are good at something we can […]

Get to know your Unconscious Mind

Getting to know your unconscious mind is one of the keys to personal development. Rapport between conscious and unconscious aspects to our brains is pivotal to happiness and success in life. Often, problems occur when the two parts of the mind are out of rapport (out of synch). We don’t often discuss things that are […]

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