NLP Language Patterns

Several parts of NLP refer to linguistics and language patterns.

Language is important to how human beings behave, understand our world and communicate. As NLP is a study of human experience construction and use of language forms a major part of the study.

Milton Erickson was a hypnotist living in the 20th century and people who observed him noticed that he used language in a certain way, which produced trance in others. NLP adopted these language Patterns and called them the Milton Model.

Language in NLP is also used to search for detail and to understand how the mind categorises in order to simplify understanding. It is all fascinating! Enjoy!

Linguistics in NLP – Neuro-linguistics

Language – Linguistics in NLP

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

The map (words) is not the territory (experience); the representations that a person utilises to describe their experience of the world are in actuality not the real world.

Language is therefore a powerful descriptive secondary representation (or filter) of the […]

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