NLP Modelling

This has to be the most useful resource in NLP for me, NLP Modelling.

I modelled sales people throughout my career in business and found that I could be at least as good as them. I topped several sales forces I worked in, then I got promoted and I found that modelling was a skill that I could pass on to others using NLP. They all improved their performance as a result.

Since I started Excellence Assured I modelled top financial traders to see how they made money. I found I was also able to model their skills. I now teach others how to trade.

What is it that you would like to be good at? Find someone to model and learn what they do using NLP modelling.

NLP Strategies & Modelling – An example

One of the huge benefits of learning NLP is that you can adopt any kind of skill and behaviour that you admire in others and have it for yourself. Skills that we possess in life contain strategies that are hidden deep down in our system and when we are good at something we can […]

NLP Modelling – how to create excellence using NLP

NLP modelling – the creation of excellence

One of the major outcomes from learning NLP is that you learn tools and techniques that enable you to develop excellence in your chosen field and in fact in any area of your life. This is one of the most valuable processes in NLP.

At Master Practitioner level […]

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