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Talking Therapies ‘Help Improve Dental Phobias’

Sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could help people with crippling fears of going to the dentist, with new research revealing that the average number of CBT appointments that people could book before having dental treatment without being sedated is five. Carried out by King’s College London, the study revealed that out of all the patients referred, [...]

Talking Therapies ‘Help Improve Dental Phobias’2015-12-07T16:50:59+00:00

Top 15 Biggest Fears For Men Revealed

The biggest fears for men have just been revealed in a new survey, with: illness death old age ....making up the top three. Compiled by MR. by Jamie Stevens (which sells haircare systems for men), the study found that terrorist attacks getting into debt being burgled losing their hair losing their job snakes and spiders [...]

Top 15 Biggest Fears For Men Revealed2015-11-14T11:11:39+00:00
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