NLP Techniques

NLP has become synonymous with techniques of change, how to create change in yourself and others.

The techniques in the original NLP series focus on therapeutic techniques that help people overcome phobias, release negative emotions and reframe limiting beliefs.

In terms of techniques NLP provides a methodology so that anyone can follow it and change. Swish pattern, Parts Integration and Timeline techniques are some of the best known.

NLP also includes methodology from hypnosis which has a reputation for creating lasting change.

Join us in changing for the better and helping people reach their potential.

NLP – Master your thinking, master your communication, future-proof your life

I’d like to explore your thinking today if that is ok with you?

Thinking helps us solve a lot of problems but it also sometimes gets us into a pickle and can get out of control.

My invitation to you is learn NLP – Master your thinking, master your communication, future-proof your life.

There are three timeframes involved […]

Women 65+ & Living In The Highlands ‘Are Happiest’

Women over the age of 65 and living in the Highlands are the happiest people in Scotland, according to a new report from Bank of Scotland revealing that 39 per cent of the people who live in the region saying they’re very happy with their lot in life.

The Bank’s Happiness Index found that […]

Is Self-Confidence The Secret To Success?

Being self-confident could mean you are more likely to be successful, if figures from a new study revealing that teenagers with stronger convictions regarding their own abilities go on to score higher in tests are to be believed. Going for NLP certification could help you improve your self-confidence levels if you’re […]

Seven secrets of sales excellence – The Donut Man

Learn seven pieces of Sales excellence

 – The Donut Man of Alvor beach

I spent a few days recently on the sweltering Algarve in Portugal. The Algarve is blessed with beautiful beaches, a great climate and a wonderful selection of food, it is a regular haunt of mine.  Specialising as I […]

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