Performance Coaching

Sports coaches and business coaches use a methodology called Performance Coaching to help people.

Performance coaching capitalises on our innate desire to improve. Behaviour and thinking are contained in performance, it is a relationship.

Coaching for performance helps people to improve both their behaviours and skills for better performance.

The top people in any field will typically think and behave slightly differently to the others.

Coaching can help you find what you need to do to become better and to become elite in your field.

Your race to success – ideas to create your best year yet

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I really want you to be living at your best. For you and your family I want you to really at your best in the year to come.

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Learn ideas and secrets to mastery used […]

The psychology behind winning and losing the 2016 Masters

The US Masters golf tournament often produces plenty of excitement in the closing holes. The 2016 Masters was no exception. Danny Willet came from three strokes behind at the beginning of the final round to win by three from Lee Westwood and Jordan Spieth. This was a great story for Danny, who became only the […]

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