A process for persuasion and influence – Stage 4 – Timing

We are at stage 4 now in the process of Persuading and Influencing and it is time to be direct and to go for the close. The time is right now.

Let’s review the first three stages briefly. We are in rapport – Stage 1. We have asked questions and handled any immediate objections – Stage […]

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What is in it for me? Persuading and Influencing – Stage 3

Stage 3 – What is in it for me? Persuading & Influencing

In this Stage 3 of Persuading and Influencing we are going to present our reasons for someone to go ahead with our suggestion. In sales this would be the stage where we demonstrate and present our product or service. In leading and […]

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Overcoming objections – how to persuade and gain influence

Persuasion & Influence Stage 2 – Handling and overcoming objections

In the first part of this series we introduced a four stage process for persuasion and gaining influence. We talked about the importance of being in a position to influence and how to get into that position using a process of gaining rapport […]

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Developing persuasion & influencing skills – Secrets revealed

Developing your persuasion & influencing skills.

You can probably think of lots of situations in your life when you have tried and failed to persuade someone to do something. What did you do? How did you do it? Why did it fail? I’m assuming that you had good reason to want to persuade them? Not just […]

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