Setting up a coaching practice

Build your profile as a coach, acquire coaching clients, learn coaching skills.

These are some of the first things coaches need to do when they start their coaching practice.  We will give you a helping hand.

Learn the different business models small coaching practices adopt. You will find some more tax efficient than others. Take the time to build your profile with a great website, this is something great businesses all get right.

Attention is in the detail and the details that you lay down from day 1 in your business will set the tempo of your later success.

Anthony has been coaching for 20 years and shares his experience to help you set up your coaching business.


Getting a website for your coaching business

Stage six in our “Starting your own coaching business” is to get yourself a website.  No business can be taken seriously these days without a website to showcase the business, and it can be a fantastic source of business for a coach as well.

We have already spent some time in previous articles discussing how to […]

Starting a coaching practice – Choosing a legal structure

Stage 4 – Starting your own coaching business – choosing a legal structure for you business

You have decide to set up your own coaching practice, you are taking your training, you have decided what services you are going to be offering, what areas of coaching or therapy you are going to be working in, and […]

Building your own coaching practice – which services to offer?

How to set up a coaching practice – stage 2

You have decided on your training path and you are undertaking your training on your way to becoming a coach. Whilst you are training, and in order to get started with clients as soon as possible you will […]

How to set up a coaching practice

Our NLP based training courses provide many marketable skills and we get asked all the time about the practicalities of individuals setting themselves up in a coaching/therapy practice.

One of the things that deters people from going ahead is the perceived cost and complexity involved.  In order to […]

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