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The FTSE is an index of the UKs leading 100 private companies.

Most home-based traders trade a futures version of the true index, it mirrors the index largely and it offers 24 hour opportunities for trading.

Anthony, our lead trader, trades the FTSE using the futures market and uses financial products called CFDs and Spread-betting to the trades. These are products offered by a trading broker.

Trading involves buying and selling (shorting) and both are available on the FTSE future market.

Our articles help you understand opportunities that exist for trading the FTSE, our trading academy teaches traders how to trade.


How to trade the Open on the FTSE 5 minute chart

Today we are going to look at how to trade the Open. On this occasion the market that we are trading is the FTSE 100 index.

Every morning I go through the same quick processes in order to prepare for the start of trading at 8am. I’m going to talk you through the morning rituals that […]

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