NLP Change Personal History


Traditional NLP Technique for the purpose of changing a number of memories in the past and adding resources.


Change Personal History Process:

  • Design and install a positive anchor.
  • Identify and then anchor a persistent recurring undesirable state.
  • Fire the undesirable state anchor while you identify and anchor one event in the past where the client experienced the state.
  • Repeat this anchoring at least two more events, going right back to the search anchor.
  • Make sure that the state associated with the positive resource anchor is greater than the negative state.
  • Fire the first event anchor while holding down the resource anchor and have the client relive the event with the new resources.
  • Repeat this for every event that was anchored.
  • Test
  • Future Pace


This technique has been replaced in our NLP training by our Timeline processes, this is taught both at NLP Practitioner level and NLP Master Practitioner level.


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