Pullback Reversal

Day trading chart analysis | Trend continuation trading

Continuing our series of videos on day trading chart analysis. In todays video we review a few trend continuation trades from this mornings price action on the DAX.

Every morning brings new opportunities in the markets. Using the 5 minute timeframe Anthony starts the day by reviewing overnight trading to determine the opening range for the […]

Day Trading FTSE & DAX 5 minute charts | 17th May 2017

We have three day trades to review for you from this morning. One trade was a gap close on the FTSE 100 and the other two trades were on the DAX.

These type of chart patterns occur regularly on the FSTE and the DAX indices. Our aim for reviewing these trades for you is so that […]

Pullback reversal on EURUSD | 24th March 2017

A pullback reversal happens when a market breaks out of a zone or range, pulls back to the range and then reverses, thus confirming the breakout. We are going to look at a good example from the EUR/USD currency pair market.

The chart above is a 5 minute chart and it has three moving average indicators […]

Pullback reversal trade on the EUR/USD forex pair | 21st Feb 2017

When the market sets up just right, with the right context and good signal we must take the trade. In this article I talk you through a pullback reversal trade that I took this morning on the EUR/USD forex pair.

I normally take my first peak of the day at the markets about 7am UK time. […]

Pullback Reversal Trade on EUR/GBP | 20th Feb 2017

It was generally a quiet day on the markets today due to a US holiday. There was however one good trade available first thing this morning on the EUR/GBP Forex market. It was a Pullback Reversal trade. I’ll walk you through it.

The above chart shows the price action from this morning on the EUR/GBP. You […]

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