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Successful traders Part 8 – Keep accurate and detailed records of your trades

We are already on to component number eight to successful trading. Successful traders Part 8 – Keep accurate and detailed records of your trades.

This is the eighth habit of highly successful traders. 

We are going to keep it simple today. 

My message today (meant with the best possible intention), is: “Keep paper/digital records of every […]

Learn to Trade the Markets – The 10 essential components to becoming a successful trader (including the missing links)

Day Trading – Discover your missing pieces

Profitable traders have a recipe for success and in this series I am going to talk you through all the ingredients (components) that you need to incorporate into your learning, your trading strategies, and your life outside of trading in order to give yourself the best possible chance […]

The law of probability in trading – Trading Secrets

In this part 7 of our Trading Secrets series we are going to discuss the law of probability in trading.

Most traders are familiar with considering risk and reward as part of their trading system and indeed these aspects are very important, however just as important is the likelihood of a […]

Trading Secrets – Beware of market manipulation



I hope that you have already found this series useful and are beginning to understand yourself better in terms of how to build a successful trading future with the right mindset and some tools for mastering the emotional and psychological side of trading.

We have discussed how beliefs are important in trading and how to […]

Supercharge your stock trading by recognising and identifying beliefs



In this part five of our Trading Secrets series we look at how to supercharge your trading by recognising and identifying beliefs.

Beliefs are important in stock and financial trading. One of the best edges that we can have over our competition is to understand when market action is creating beliefs amongst other traders […]

Trading Secrets – Don’t believe what you see, get to understand the rules of the game


In the last part of this trading secrets programme we discussed how our perceptions are a brain creation, a representation of reality and not reality itself.

The reality in trading is that whichever market that you are trading, and at any point you never know for certain which way it will turn next. You […]

Master the emotional side of trading – trading secrets of the mind

Continuing our series on Trading Secrets – All in the Mind, in this part 3 we discuss here how to begin to master the emotional side of trading.


We can absorb millions of bits of information per second though our senses. In terms of trading most of that information is taken in through our sense […]

Trading secrets – Cause, effect and taking responsibility – all in the mind


Part 2 of our Trading Secrets series – trading psychology

In trading we operate in a sea of uncertainty. Things are only certain after the event. We see a possible opportunity. We aren’t certain whether or not the trade will work out. We aren’t certain that the market will go the way that we anticipate, […]

Secrets to successful trading – it’s all in the mind

Secrets to successful trading series – part 1


It’s all in the mind

This secrets to successful trading series will help you to master the mental aspects of trading and put you in a position to compete and win at the trading game.

95% of home based traders lose money. I want to […]

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