Understand the difference between trending and ranging markets 

Understand the difference between trending and ranging markets – 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders (Part 3)

Take a look at the chart above. Is the market in a trend or a trading range? 

It is an uptrend, isn’t it?

How do we know that it is an uptrend? The market is making higher highs and higher lows 

Look […]

Day trading chart analysis | Trend continuation trading

Continuing our series of videos on day trading chart analysis. In todays video we review a few trend continuation trades from this mornings price action on the DAX.

Every morning brings new opportunities in the markets. Using the 5 minute timeframe Anthony starts the day by reviewing overnight trading to determine the opening range for the […]

Trading different market conditions – DAX index 3rd and 4th May 2017

Two mornings and two very different trading conditions on the DAX index over the last two days.

Have a look at the charts above. On the face of it you might just see one chart on the left where the market is going down and another chart on the right where the market is going up. […]

Big bear breakout & trend on the DAX | 21st March 2017

Today we are going to examine a big bear breakout and trend on the DAX.

Most of the time recently the DAX has been in a trading range. It is very tricky making money when the market is in a trading range if you are using a strategy that relies on momentum. Reversal and countertrend trades […]

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