If you are wondering how our leadership training can benefit you, then here are some practical uses for some of the ideas that we share on our training courses, share in the positive energy:


Firstly I would like to say how much I believe I have learnt from this course. It is great to have the handbook to keep reflecting upon and I can keep returning to it to keep my reptilian brain firmly where he belongs.

To get the energy to complete my work, I must keep fit. I attend a gym anyway and do find that ideas begin to flow as the oxygen gets to my brain. I can use this two hours at the gym for some creative thinking as it seems to come more naturally there.

I can work in 90 minute cycles, though my best time is probably before bed. I am up at 5.30 a.m. to get ready for an early shift at work and know that getting up at 4.30 is not a feasible option. However, a concentrated half an hour before bed, probably after eating would be my best time.

Every time I have completed a chapter of the book that I am writing, I will celebrate – maybe with a meal out or a bottle of wine to share (only one though).

Even if one or two publishers reject my work I will not let that put me off. This is a subject I know well and am experienced in. Eventually the right publisher will be there if I work long and hard enough. Talent is not enough.



  1. Strategic Time – I will start planning all week and make weekly goals which I can celebrate in the end if succeeded. I will use your template or similar to make weekly plan for me and my team.
  2. Get fit – as I mentioned above I am doing it at the moment by having diet.
  3. I liked very much work in 90min cycles – I think this way I can cope with my stress problems, by having more tea times, drink more water, walk more (same time I can talk more with employees and it should help recover from stress.


I am paid to be scared – yes, this one made an impact of me. Until recently we had a blame culture where making a mistake was frowned upon and berated. Threats of disciplinaries hung over us, even though some of these mistakes were not life threatening and indeed, just human error. Our culture has vastly improved and being scared is not such a big issue. Now being scared is thinking I am not trying hard enough.

Critics are a measure of my success. This one made me think long and hard. When I wrote my first work of fiction, I told lots of people about it and let them read what I had produced. Mistake!! This fed directly into my reptilian brain as suddenly everyone was an expert critic. However, I now believe if I keep writing and only share my writing with publishers, the critics can be looked upon in a different light i.e. if they are criticizing, I must be making an impact!

To get to the top, you must do what top people do. To me this means taking note of the authors in my field who have done well, that is, people with sound knowledge and compassion. Compassion and serving people are the mainstays of nursing care. I will be spending time in the university library, looking and taking notes from good authors.

Progress over perfection. I feel constantly unsatisfied with my writing. It’s never ‘good enough’ and this now has to stop. I will do my half an hour a day, make sure I have up to date and relevant references and write a meaningful book.

Be the most enthusiastic person you know. I am trying very hard to do this. Sometimes it is easier to say mean things about people when you know you would be very upset if you heard them said about yourself. I now change the subject if backbiting starts or I find a good characteristic to point out about this person. It seems to work very well.

This next hidden belief isn’t in the handbook but was on the film ‘Without a generous heart, wealth is an ugly bugger!’ I really like this, even very wealthy people have things to moan about or problems to deal with. True happiness and self- esteem need not cost money but it does cost hard work. If I can share what I have with generosity, then other wonderful things will follow.

What am I grateful for – the list is huge. Reasonable health, a satisfying job which I can share with others, 3 healthy children, 4 healthy, beautiful grandchildren and a man in my life who really cares about me. I am good at connecting with others and now intend to give another 1% at this as I believe not only will it make me better at my job, it will give greater insights into my book.

What is it like to work with you? Again, I have already started to put an extra 1% into this. I am a naturally cheerful person anyway and want others to feel they can rely on me to be approachable, fair and that they can turn to me for advice and support. I appreciate being in a team but that also means I have to contribute to the team in a positive manner myself.


I am proud to see that I am already practicing some of the tactics for worldclass productivity.

I do the work to get energy, I realized myself that the energy would come with the work during the day.

I also do short breaks at the office, always in the middle of the morning, in lunch time and in the middle of the afternoon and it those help me to concentrate and move between activities.

I take my time to recover every day at the end of the day, more or less an hour just thinking and planning before going to sleep.

I depend on client emails to do my work so I cannot really choose my day to day tasks or schedules at work. So I cannot change this by trying to time block my day during my working ours, out of them I already do it.

I am a routine person every day wake up, gym time, read, work, my moment at lunch time, work, read, speak with family while dinning, think, sleep…

I will start thing and writing my feelings, my reasons to be happy and proud for at the moment as well as mesure my success in small steps instead of let me get frustrated by perceiving how far I can be for reaching my objectives.

And I will start figuring out how to find room for creative thinking.