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Leadership – starting with you
  • Leadership ala Mandela

Anthony Beardsell, Coach

The extent of your success so far in life can be measured by the level of leadership that you have shown

Are you in business? Distributing leadership thinking throughout your organisation is your single best competitive advantage – Universal Leadership

Our training courses will take you and your team to a different level of success

People say that leadership is about creativity, it is about innovation, it is about communication, it is about having people skills, it is about influence, it is about attitude…..

We agree. And the trouble with these words is that they mean different things to different people. They are all ambiguous. This is a good thing in a way because it allows for individuality, we can all put our own stamp on things. This can also mean that leadership is tricky to learn. We normally learn by modelling people. We find out what works for other people and we adopt the skills for ourselves. How can you model something that is so ambiguous? If creativity means 100 different things to 100 different people, then how can you model it for yourself?

The answer is that you must develop leadership from the ground upwards. It is impossible to lead someone to somewhere that you have never been yourself. This is the reason why leadership starts with yourself. You must get to know yourself in order to understand others.

So, leadership  starts at home.

Our leadership training courses provide you with specific skills to enable you to develop your emotional intelligence. 

Here is a link to an article in the Harvard Business Review by Daniel Goleman. In the article Daniel explains what makes a leader.

We will assist you first of all in developing these key skills. We will show you how you can integrate these skills into your work and into your life.

Be more than just an effective leader.

A Secret

One of the secrets adopted by all great leaders that we share with you is to set aside some time every day to self development. This can mean exercising, it can mean watching personal development videos (like the ones that we share with you here), it can mean taking some time to self reflect, writing a journal.

This is a simple illustration of the type of ideas that we share with you in our leader development programmes. We share specific skills, specific ideas, specific secrets that have been proven to work and that you can adopt for yourself yo develop your leadership.

Interested in developing your leadership?

Our leadership training is available online via a multimedia presentation method that really helps you to integrate the learning material and ensures that you develop your leadership skills and see a lasting and positive difference in your career and throughout your life.

Learn more about a New Model of Leadership:

Presented by Trainer – Anthony Beardsell

Leadership Training Online – Are you interested in growing your leadership skills? Have a look through our leadership development courses

Below are a number of blog posts that Anthony has written about leadership. For more great ideas on building your emotional intelligence, NLP and coaching, see Anthony’s blog.

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