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Inspiring happiness, growth and success through Training and Development


Our purpose is to help you grow. Through this website we aim to provide you with the tools that you need to get your life the way that you want it and get the results that you want in life.

Presented by Anthony Beardsell – Leading International NLP Trainer and Coach

“Excellence Assured” and this website is an expression of our highest values: growth, contribution, success, fun and adding value.

My Excellence Assured – Anthony Beardsell, lead trainer, all-star trader & author of the book Mind Management & Mindfulness

Anthony Beardsell, Coach “Back in 2009 I reached a crossroads in my life and career. I was working hard. I was being successful. I was leading a successful team in the financial markets. Materially I had what I wanted in life. People around me envied me for my apparent success and for what I appeared to have in my life.

Inside, however, I felt empty. tired, overworked, and unfulfilled (this is what happens if we are not living to our highest values).  I realised that I had stopped growing, I was not having fun anymore and above all else I could not make a positive difference to the people that I was working with in the way that I wanted to.NLP Webinars

I decided at that moment that I needed to change. My own highest values are progress, love, health, success, contribution, fun, honesty and fitness. I set up Excellence Assured in order to express some of those values, to make a positive difference, to add value, to contribute to your happiness and success and to help you grow – it continues to be a fun and fulfilling venture.

I hope that through my work at Excellence Assured I can assist you in some way to: break out of your comfort zone, to overcome any anxiety, worry, or stress that you feel, to develop successful careers & relationships, to develop new and fulfilling habits and skills so that you can live true to your own values and move closer to growing towards your potential.”

Experts in NLP Training, Coaching Training & Trading


Dedicated to your development – improving your world from inside to out

All of the training courses available on this website have these four values at heart. It is our aim to provide you with resources and tools that will help you:

  • grow as an individual, whether that be in work or in your personal development
  • become happier and more content – love being you
  • become more aware of how you can contribute and add value to others. Try the following out for a day and see how it makes you feel – Think like you know you are the greatest person on the planet (you know how to do that, don’t you?) and at the same time look for ways to be kind to others. My guess is that this will make you feel great!
  • develop your own strategies for success – Whatever field you work in learning with us will help you develop strategies to rise to the top of the tree. 

How we can start to help you grow:

Free resources

There are many many free tools, articles, tips, videos, audios from Anthony Beardsell for you to enjoy on this website. We want to contribute and add value to you and to others across the world with whom you share our website.  People tell us that spending ten or fifteen minutes a day reading our articles, watching a video or listening to an audio helps them get motivated, focussed, confident, relaxes them and gives them ideas for progress and growth.  We suggest that you bookmark this website and visit us regularly to benefit in this way.

10x value – learn from and work with Anthony BeardsellBusiness Services

Anthony and our team are ready to work with you in helping you grow.

  • Anthony provides trading coaching and business coaching services either in person or via Skype, video call. If you are searching for a specific solution or just looking to grow, then work with Anthony one on one to achieve your objectives. Get in touch with Anthony here today to discuss your requirements.
  • Keynote speaking. Book Anthony to speak at your event.
  • Excellence Assured online training courses – Professional certification courses in NLP, Trading, Leadership, Coaching and Mindfulness.

NLP Training | TradingLeadership | Coaching | Mindfulness

Grow with us through our three step success formula:

3 Step Success Formula

We will provide you with the awareness that you need in order to make the decisions and choices that will bring about improved results and change.

The awareness that we provide through the information on this website, our training and coaching programmes is primarily in two areas:

  1. Self Awareness – better understand who you are, how you think, your identity, how you influence, how you create an impact, how you produce your results.
  2. Awareness in respect of others – How your communication impacts other people, how to motivate others, understanding different thinking systems and personalities, an awareness of our interconnectedness (communities, globalisation etc), social engagement.

Why NLP? Why NLP training & Coaching training?Accreditation, ethics, standards & membership

Coaching & NLP training excellence.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a toolbox to get your life the way that you want it and assist others in doing the same. NLP has been described as the “art and science of personal excellence.”

Richard Bandler, one of the co-creators of NLP described it as “an attitude and a methodology which leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

There is much debate over what specifically NLP does and does not do. People use it for personal development, to help others in coaching and therapy, to build leadership and communication skills, to advance interpersonal skills & sales skills. There are many uses.

Anthony learned NLP back in the 1990s via Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler and John Grinder and has been applying and growing his knowledge and skills in NLP ever since. It has helped Anthony, helped him help our readers, subscribers and students and we think that it will also help you and add value to your life.

NLP embodies our values:

Growth – NLP provides many tools, processes and skills that are sadly not taught in schools but that enable us to fix our problems, understand and change our thinking, develop excellence in any field and help others to do the same.

Contribution – NLP is about sharing expertise. One of the beliefs that is shared in NLP is that anything is possible for us. We just need to find someone with the skills and mindsets that we want, through using the modelling techniques of NLP we can then develop those skills for ourselves.

NLP is about working with and helping others. Many of our students take our NLP Training & Coaching Training to become NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners, and NLP trainers (on our NLP Trainers Training Course), working with other people to enable them to live better lives and grow their businesses.

Success – What more can we say – NLP is the art and science of excellence

Fun – One of the principles of NLP is to have fun. Fun while you learn and fun while you work. This is a frenetic, frantic world and it is too easy to get lost in the illusion that the world is full of problems, difficulties, worries, anxieties, and danger. Life is not about that. Life is about creating joy, contributing and having fun. NLP provides ways to release us from our problems, live a life of purpose and have fun again.

Adding value – Would it be useful to you to:

  • build better relationships?
  • gain purpose and direction in your life?
  • gain motivation at will?
  • help other people live happier and more successful lives?
  • gain energy?
  • be able to motivate and demotivate others?
  • get rid of unwanted negative emotions?
  • overcome phobias of flying, spiders, public speaking or any other phobia?
  • gain peace with yourself?
  • have a career helping others?
  • communicate more effectively?
  • learn to train and coach other people?

NLP can give you this value and much more besides.

NLP Training

Why Trading?

Trading Training Course boxHaving spent 20 years working in financial markets Anthony has an expertise in Financial Trading that he is always keen to share.

Trading provides the opportunity for financial freedom and self-sufficiency that are craved by many. As a successful trader YOU are entirely answerable only to yourself. You rely on your own judgements, timing and skills in reading the markets.

Trading offers a huge challenge, risk and opportunity for those who are prepared to put in the dedicated hours of study to become skilled. Trading offers direct rewards for the people who become proficient and have what it takes to win in a highly competitive field.

Trading Stars Interview

Trading Stars Interview – with Anthony Beardsell

Learn to Trade

Why Leadership?

We believe that everyone has the potential to be one of the greatest people on the planet. If we each develop leadership attributes then it will definitely assist us in living better lives and developing our greatness.

Leadership requires personal excellence. You can’t lead others somewhere that you haven’t been yourself.

Leaders are not necessarily leading teams of thousands, hundreds. In fact leaders often work alone, leading society, leading science, leading culture, leading friends, and colleagues by setting a great example.

Leadership demands growth  – you will not be a leader of others for long if you do not grow your team through developing their skills,  grow your profits, grow your interpersonal skills, grow your customer base, grow your ability to juggle different roles, grow your communication skills.

Leadership means contribution – to the development of others, to society through social enterprise and other charitable means. If you are not contributing to the world through your products or services, then what are you doing in business? You are not offering value!

Leadership means success – you do not have to be the most successful or knowledgable person in the business to be a leader, but it helps. Leaders know what they want. They know what success means and they have a vision to create success for themselves, their company and their teams.

Leaders have fun – If you are not having fun, then you got lost somewhere along the way. People do not give their best to a cause just because you pay them well. They do it because they want to feel valued, they do it because they want to do it for you. Have fun with them. Teams that play together, stay together.

Leaders add value – to their customers, to their colleagues, to their teams, to society, and to the world in general.

We are committed to leading and adding value to you – We aim to lead our fields of NLP, Leadership, Coaching and Mindfulness. There is a whole host of free valuing adding stuff on this website. We always aim to add 10x value to you as a minimum with our paid products and services. We want you to be delighted with your investment. We are not satisfied with giving you a return of your investment or even doubling it. Where we ask for a fee we want to give you back 10x your investment as a minimum – this is our commitment to you – your excellence is assured.


Why Mindfulness?

Mind Management & Mindfulness BookMindfulness is about finding peace within and peace with this crazy world that we live in.

Anthony explains: “Having spent 20 years living my life to other people’s values, to society’s values, it dawned on me one day that there must be more to life than getting up every day and spending the daytime getting stressed and the evening unwinding.

I was overthinking. My mind would not stop working. I spent my working hours wishing I was relaxing and my relaxation time feeling guilty that I was not working.

I learned mindfulness and it felt like I was reborn. I regained my energy, I regained my focus, I became a better person and a nicer human being. I became more comfortable in my own skin.

Mindfulness teaches us how to live in the moment, to savour every moment, to recognise the beauty in the world. Mindfulness teaches us to gain acceptance of the things that we are resisting, to respect our body, and to befriend our inner demons and our saboteur.

Mindfulness will improve your levels of happiness, it will improve your confidence, it can help you beat anxiety, stress and depression. Mindfulness will reacquaint you with your inner essence, assist you in creating a positive focus for your life and help you to enjoy life to the full. This is what we want, isn’t it?”


Where do you want to go? Free resources:

Excellence Assured Ltd provide personal and professional development training and coaching services to individuals and businesses.

We specialise in NLP, Coaching/Leadership development & Mindfulness.  We provide professionally certified NLP training courses and coaching training for individuals and groups. We have a range of e-Learning training courses and provide in-house training courses for businesses.

We are based in Sheffield and provide our training and coaching services throughout the UK and internationally online.

It is our aim to give all of our services the personal touch, we pride ourselves on putting you first and making a positive and lasting difference in all of our work.

Studies show that on average people only use 4% of their brain capacity, which means that there is 96% of unleashed potential in there!  Our mission is to work with you to help discover your own true potential.



Lead Trainer and Coach – Anthony Beardsell

Anthony provides executive coaching and training services at Excellence Assured. In a coaching capacity Anthony works with people from a variety of backgrounds, business, sport and show business. Through working with his executive coaching clients at Excellence Assured Ltd, Anthony has devised a mind management system that has proved very successful in enabling his clients to better manage their public and private lives and simultaneously improve their performance levels. It works for them and this system will also work for you.

Anthony is Author of the book Mind Management & Mindfulness and is the trainer and presenter of our online training courses.

Amazon mm&m

Click on the picture above to view the book on Amazon.

anthony-larger“I am passionate about the positive changes that we can make as individuals to our lives by making a decision to be better and taking action.  I truly believe that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I further my own development by working with individuals and teams to achieve their desired outcomes, whether that be to gain confidence, achieve a greater peace of mind, a better work-life balance, to run marathons, or to achieve a greater level of wealth or profit.

My training and coaching style is to combine the seriousness of the purpose, dedication to positive results and learnings with a sense of fun, anticipation and excitement.”

Anthony has a proven track record as a trainer and coach in:

  • working with others and assisting them in releasing their true potential – leadership, personal development
  • training and coaching teams and individuals to increase company and personal wealth
  • building loyal and prosperous teams
  • coaching leadership
  • assisting people in overcoming obstacles and living to their potential


Excellence Assured is a trainer member of the INLPTA, NLPEA. Anthony is a member of the ICF, ANLP, INLPTA and NLPEA and has the following professional qualifications:

  • NLPEA Master Trainer of NLP
  • INLPTA certified Trainer of NLP
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • BA (Hons)
  • Diploma in Financial Planning

Read Anthony’s story so far


Your investment in our services

Please contact us on +44 (0)114 2360047 in order to discuss our rates for Coaching, and business training services.

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