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About Us

Excellence Assured provide specialised training and coaching services in NLP, Coaching, Leadership and personal Financial Trading. Our mission is to assist you in creating excellence and living your life to your full potential. 

Your future IS our priority, thank you for taking the time to visit us. We truly care about you  and we believe that you have a right to know how we will treat you in your work with us. Read our customer charter and promises to you.

We are home to two training academies:

Excellence Assured NLP Training Academy – We are one of the worlds leading NLP Training providers, providing fully accredited NLP Training Courses and Coaching Training courses in the UK and also “as live” via our ground-breaking online international NLP courses. 

Excellence Assured Trading Academy – Learn how to trade. Our innovative Trading Academy (supported by expertise from our Director and Mind Coach, Anthony Beardsell) will teach you how to trade Stocks and Forex, read and interpret price charts, grow your wealth and create an income from financial trading. 

NLP training | Coaching | Trading courses

If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito  Anita Roddick

How can we help you?

World Class NLP Training Courses & Accreditation

NLP Training Courses at the NLP Training Academy

As one of the worlds leading educational centres for NLP our NLP Training Academy provides fully accredited training in NLP for all ages and standards. We have training via open courses in the UK and internationally and NLP training courses online available in our dedicated multimedia online training centre.

  • Accredited NLP training courses
  • Learn NLP at the highest standard
  • Become an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer
  • Use NLP in business, education and therapy
  • Use NLP to become a coach

NLP has been described as the art and science of excellence. Get your life the way that you want it and help others using NLP.

NLP Training Academy
NLP Training Courses & Combination Packages at Excellence Assured NLP Training Academy

Want to work as a Coach?

Life Coaching & Business Coaching Training

Life Coach & Business Coach Training

Our international coaching training programme provides you with the qualification of Certified Business Coach or Life Coach – you choose, depending on which direction you wish to take. Combine world class NLP training with your Coaching course. Dual qualifications in NLP and Coaching. Available online.

Get our Free Ebook – How to set up your new coaching practice

Free ebook - How to set up your new coaching practice
Coaching Training

Giving you all the tools that you need to start practicing as a fully qualified Life Coach or Business Coach.

NLP & Coaching Webinar series
International Coach Training Course - NLP Training Academy

Trading offers excitement, freedom, risk and potentially unlimited rewards.

In addition to our trading courses we also have a vast amount of free information in the trading section of this website.

Learn the all about trading candlesticks, the best chart patterns, the most effective trading indicators and develop a trading plan with our expert tuition, professional trading tips and systems.

Trading Training Courses
Learn to trade - trading academy
Forex and Day Trading Training Courses at our Trading Academy

Personality Types & Quizzes

Take this Personality Quiz

Discover your personality type with one of our FREE online quizzes.

Personality Type Quiz – Your Myers Briggs type>>>

Short version of the Personality Quiz>>>

Which of the 16 Myers Briggs types are you? Discover your personality type so that you can play to your strengths and identify possible areas for development.

NLP Representational Systems Test>>>

Use the quizzes yourself and share with your clients, and your colleagues. They are free!

Type and Personality (Under the Hood) – Myers Briggs 16 Personality Types (a coach and trainers perspective) (Book)

NLP & Coaching – Professional Membership & AccreditationAccreditation, ethics, standards & membership

Quality Training & Recognised Qualifications

We understand that our clients and students want the very best standards from us – your excellence is assured. Anthony Beardsell (International NLP Master Trainer & Lead Coach) & Excellence Assured are proud to associate with the following professional bodies:

NPEA Transformation Coach and Master Trainer
NLPEA Lifetime Member
Leadership – Developing the Leader
Leadership online training courses
Mindfulness Training
Leadership online training courses

Learn the art of Mindfulness with Anthony Beardsell, author of the book Mind Management & Mindfulness

Leadership Training

Our NLP training, Coaching, Trading courses. What our customers think

NLP Training Online

“I have done lots of training courses over the years and I must say that the thing that stands out with your course was the fact that you really seem to care about your students’ experience. I will never forget it.” MD – Stevenage

“Oh I loved doing the course, it really taught me so so much. It’s made me feel so much more in control of my own states and how I choose to react to situations and life in general. I really love this work.
I look forward to the next chapter in my life and will soon let you know!” – DW – S. Africa

See more testimonials on our NLP Training page.

Trading Training

“Thank you very much for your support during this course. You are a great trainer, your comments and observations were precious, you really showed you cared with sincerity, and it meant a lot to me during this training.“ SO – London

“Excellence Assured exceeded my expectations and have always delivered a high quality service. I would recommend Anthony Beardsell to anyone looking for high impact coaching or training. His helpful and professional manner have helped me greatly and had a real impact on my bottom line.” JF – Sheffield

Coaching Training

“Thank you for making this training available online and for doing such an excellent job in your feedback! I’ve already benefited in countless ways personally and look forward to using these tools to help others find congruence and freedom for themselves!” JT – Malaysia

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the course it has been fantastic and credit to the amount of information it provides and all the detail. I have learnt lots and will look to build on it further in the future.” GF – Bristol

NLP Training Online
Trading Training
Coaching Training Online

Our aim is to provide world class NLP training, Coaching and Trading courses along with other powerful resources to enable you to develop your own unique brand of personal excellence.

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