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World Class NLP Training

3 Steps in NLP Training

NLP Practitioner Training Courses

NLP Master Practitioner Training Courses

NLP Trainers Training Courses

As one of the worlds leading educational centres for NLP we provide fully accredited training in NLP for all ages and standards. Training delivered via open courses in the UK and internationally.  NLP training – online available in our dedicated multimedia training centre.


Want to work as a Coach?

Coach Training - Grow to your potential

Free ebook - How to set up your new coaching practice

Free ebook – How to set up your new coaching practice

Life Coach & Business Coach Training

Our coaching training programme provides you with the qualification of Certified Business Coach or Life Coach – you choose, depending on which direction you wish to take. Combine world class NLP training with your Coaching course. Dual qualifications in NLP and Coaching. Available online.



Interested in becoming a Trader? Learn about the exciting world of Stocks & Forex trading

Learn to Trade with Excellence Assured

Trading Training Courses – online and live in London.

Online Trading Course – Structure Day Trading & Swing Trading course for trading Stocks & Forex.

Join Excellence Assured Trading Academy

Learn to Trade part-time to supplement your income or as a full-time profession with our Excellence Assured.

Trading offers excitement, freedom, risk and potentially unlimited

Learn the all about trading candlesticks, the best chart patterns, the most effective trading indicators and develop a trading plan with our expert tuition, professional trading tips and systems.

In addition to our premium trading courses we also have a vast amount of free information in the trading section of this website.

Psychology, News & Research

Personality Types & Quizzes

Take this personality quizDiscover your personality type with one of our FREE online quizzes.

Personality Type Quiz – Your Myers Briggs type>>>

Short version of the Personality Quiz>>>

Which of the 16 Myers Briggs types are you? Discover your personality type so that you can play to your strengths and identify possible areas for development.

NLP Representational Systems Test>>>

Use the quizzes yourself and share with your clients, and your colleagues. They are free!

Professional Membership & AccreditationAccreditation, ethics, standards & membership

Quality Training & Recognised Qualifications

We understand that our clients and students want the very best standards from us – your excellence is assured. Anthony Beardsell (International NLP Master Trainer & Lead Coach) & Excellence Assured are proud to associate with the following professional bodies:

  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence
  • ANLP – Association of NLP
  • INLPTA – International NLP Trainers Association

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Mindfulness – Helping you live in the moment

Mindfulness - living in the moment

Mindfulness Training Course

Beat anxiety, stress and depression with our online Mindfulness programme. Learn to manage yourself better, set and achieve goals and achieve inner peace and serenity with better mind management & mindfulness.

Developing the Leader

Leadership online training courses

Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Development Training>>>>

Game Changing Leadership Training>>

Outstanding interpersonal skills and self awareness are the cornerstone traits of great leadership. Develop excellence in leadership and communication. Better understand how people think and get motivated.


Leadership Training Button





Our aim is to provide World class NLP training & Coaching training courses along with other powerful resources to enable you to develop your own unique brand of personal excellence.

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