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About Us – Your Excellence Assured – Experts in NLP and the professional applications of NLP (Coaching, Leadership, Trading)

Learn NLP, leverage the power of your mind at Excellence Assured. Elevate your life & spend the best time of your life doing what you love.

Training and coaching in NLP and the professional applications of NLP (Coaching, Leadership and personal Financial Trading) for your personal and professional excellence.

OUR MISSION is to assist you in achieving a world-class learning experience through our training and coaching so that you can:

  • discover your TRUE PURPOSE
  • create excellence in moving towards your purpose
  • live your life to your full potential (live your dream). 

Your future is our priority, thank you for taking the time to visit us. We truly care about you  and we believe that you have a right to know how we will treat you in your work with us. Read our Customer Charter and promises to you.

We are home to two professional Training Academies:

NLP and the professional applications of NLP
NLP training | Coaching | Trading courses

1Excellence Assured NLP Training Academy (Since 2010) – We are a leading NLP Training provider and world-class Life Coach educator. Providing fully accredited NLP Training Courses and Coaching Training courses in the UK and also “as live” via our ground-breaking online International NLP courses. Our director, Anthony Beardsell is recognised as a world expert in the field of NLP and Coaching.

2Excellence Assured Trading Academy (Since 2016) – Providing education, coaching and support to independent Day Traders and Forex Traders in Trading for a living. Our innovative Trading Academy (supported by expertise from our Director and Mind Coach, Anthony Beardsell) will help you find the missing pieces in your quest to master the world’s financial markets.

Create your life the way that you want it. Learn NLP and ELEVATE YOUR LIFE. LIVE AT YOUR BEST –If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in your room  Anita Roddick

NLP Practitioner Training

I was so impressed to see how it works and since then there has been so many times this has worked. Including with my teenage son!

Learning these new communication skills is proving to be so beneficial.

Scarlett C

It was amazing and wonderful learning experience I had with you. I am grateful and thankful for your guidance and inspriational words given. You are really a good tutor, best trainer I ever had. Again thank you so much for your wonderful sessions.

Jaliya R - Asia

It was so nice to meet you and have a chat with you. I smiled the rest of the day, and so much my cheek bones were actually aching in the evening. And for the days following up to now, I find myself smiling effortlessly, more frequently and my mood is shifting. Years of not smiling isolated me from others, as I did not want to interact with them. I did not want any attention and people noticing my pain from the relationship I was in. Suddenly, the past few days, I’ve noticed people smiling back at me while going for walks, in the shop etc. I feel like I am coming out of my shell and seeing the light (just like you talked about). Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face again!!! I do believe things will change in the months to come. I am not sure what it it is yet, but something is changing!

And thank you so much, for sharing your story with me. You are an amazing person Anthony, and your trainings have had a huge impact on my life. You motivate, influence and support others. Bless your wonderful soul and personality.

Cindy, Florida. US

Sending over my last self reflection and thoroughly enjoyed the course and wished I’d put the same effort into my schoolwork ha ha.
This is honestly the best course I’ve ever done and a bit upset I’ve finished it but I know it’s just the beginning of a wonderful journey.
The way you put the course across was very interesting.
I look forward to doing my masters and I’m now going to do my month of daily tasks as you recommend.

Dessie, London. UK

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