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Learn from our experience. The things you need to be thinking about in order to set up as a coach on a small budget. 9 stage process.

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One of the biggest hurdles that people have to face when they are starting any new venture is information overload. If you are thinking of starting your own coaching practice, then we can save you hours and hours and lots of money.

We have been through this process in building our business and we now coach other people in how to start their own coaching practice as part of our coaching training online course. We will tell you what you need to be thinking about in terms of setting up your coaching business and how to go about it on as small a budget as possible.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Which Training & Qualifications
  • Which services to offer
  • Keyword Searching for your new coaching business
  • Choosing a legal structure
  • Naming your coaching practice
  • Getting a website
  • Creating and designing your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Running a successful coaching business and getting clients

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