21 Day Weight Loss E-courseLose weight - ala Paul Mckenna

We employ the powerful change techniques of  NLP and Hypnosis in order to help you lose weight with this 21 day e-Course.

  • No Dieting
  • No Slimming Pills
  • No crazy fitness regime

Allow Anthony Beardsell to coach you to lose weight. Using 21 short videos Anthony works with your unconscious mind in order to bring about the change in you that is required for you to lose weight.

Habits are created unconsciously throughout our lifetime and some of these habits are not useful to us. In some cases the habits involve overeating and a lack of exercise, one or both of these habits can result in us putting on weight.


21 Day weight loss programme – Why 21 days?

New habits in the form of new neural pathways take 21 days to form. Through the videos and the tasking Anthony assists you in creating new habits, new neural pathways that will result in you eating sensible quantities of food and taking more regular light exercise, therefore losing weight.


Lose Weight via Hypnosis and NLP

The course consists of 21 modules, one for each of the 21 days. Here is an example of the programme content:

  • Explore and change your limiting beliefs around food
  • Learn to take responsibility for your life in order to create it the way that you want it
  • Understand how to set empowering goals and visualise your success
  • Learn how to set anchors for states and behaviours that empower you – if you feel great in yourself, then you will be more likely to treat your body with respect
  • Learn how to do self hypnosis – so that you can feed your unconscious mind with positive suggestions to get great results and build new neural pathways to looking slim and feeling great.
  • 3 x Weight Loss Hypnosis inductions


Online E-course

This course is 100% online, which means that you can start losing weight NOW!  You can pay for and register on the course in three easy steps.

  1. Pay for the course – £24.99 via Paypal
  2. Set-up your members login
  3. Start the course!

Weight Loss Programme

Whilst the course is designed for you to work through the content over 21 days, you are given a 12 month membership to the course. Which means that you can revisit any of the modules at any time during the 12 month period, thus enabling you to make your new habits and neural pathways stronger and stronger.

You access to the course is unlimited from day 1, so you may preview all of the modules or even start on day 21 if you wish!

So, what are you waiting for? Lose weight today.