Ecology Check

Ecology Check 

Check with your own feelings that a course of action would be a wise one to follow.

Doing an ecology check is checking the consequences of your future actions and plans.

In order to do a full ecology check:

  •     Think as if you are in the future (future pace)
  •     What are the wider consequences of my action?
  •     What will I lose if I make this change?
  •     What extra will I have to do?
  •     Is it worth it?
  •     What will I gain if I make this change?
  •     What is the price of making this change and am I willing to pay it?
  •     What are the good aspects of the present state?
  •     How can I  keep those good aspects while making the change that I want?
  •     How will my change affect others?
  •     Does it go against any of their values?
  •     Does this matter?
  •     How will they react?

In our NLP training we always recommend that ecology checks are completed with any work with another person or in change work with yourself.


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