Analogue Marking – NLP

Analogue Marking in NLP is using a verbal or non verbal cue to mark out words in a sentence or mark out space.  Marking out specific words with pauses, breaks in the sentence.

Eg You can… STOP… the traffic but you still need to be aware of the…BITING….wind and…YOUR….box full of NAILS… you cross the road…SAFELY

This is an NLP language technique that is often used during hypnosis to aid the subject to take on the learning. It confuses the conscious mind and thus allows direct access to the unconscious mind, which is where change takes place.

The conscious mind hears the whole sentence, the powerful unconscious mind hears just the words that are marked out.

In the above sentence the persons unconscious mind hears STOP BITING YOUR NAILS, and the conscious mind hears a load of rubbish!  It doesn’t matter, you got your message across.

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