As If Frame

This NLP frame has many applications and is based on acting ‘as if’ a desired state or outcome has been achieved or ‘as if’ someone else is giving you information:

For an outcome, act as if you have already achieved your outcome. Live your dreams now and allow reality to catch up!

When negotiating or problem solving, you can explore other possibilities by saying, “Let’s proceed as if I agree to this demand or take your proposed course of action. What would you do for me, or what would happen as a result?”

If a key person is missing from a meeting, you may say, “Let’s act as if Sue is present. What would she suggest?”

For project planning, you may wish act as if the project has been successfully completed and then ask what steps were necessary to reach this outcome. This approach may highlight some important information that is not obvious when planning from the present.

For modelling an expert – an important part of NLP, you may choose to act as if you are that person (put yourself into second position) to gain further insights as to their thoughts and behaviours.