NLP Circle of Excellence


The NLP circle of excellence technique is used to be able to discover and model excellent behaviour and install it in someone else.


Circle of Excellence Process:

  1. Get the client to identify a situation coming up which they are nervous about or anxious about.
  2. Get them to remember a time in the past when they faced a similar situation. Point out the circle on the floor and ask them to step into it as they relive the situation. Associate them in the situation.  Ask them what personal resources that they need to deal with it successfully.
  3. Ask them for each of the required resources to recall a time in the past when they had it. See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt. As they access the state they enter the circle, then they step back out of it.
  4. After anchoring each state in the circle we take them back into the circle now imagining the future state that was the original problem.


We find that this is a really fun and effective technique for our students to practice on our NLP training and is explained in full and with examples on our NLP e-Learning programmes.