Downtime (and Uptime) – NLP

Downtime occurs whenever we go inside and think.  When we go internal for a bit of information or when we get in touch with feelings. This is when our attention to the 7±2 chunks of information that is our limit of conscious attention is inside.

Uptime is where your awareness is outside, aware and not inside. This is the basis for The Learning State. A great state for learning and retention of information.

We train our delegates in how to operate in uptime and in downtime to maximise our thinking in order to produce great results for ourselves and others.  You can train with us online at our NLP online training centre, or join us at one of our NLP training courses in the UK.

Downtime can be useful when you need to think and plan, however we all need to get out of thinking mode sometimes and this is where learning to get in uptime helps because is means that you are able to live in the here and now rather than living in your head.

Uptime is a great state to train in because you are just focussing on what you are doing at the moment rather than thinking about what might go wrong or whether you have forgotten to say something. Uptime is thinking in the now rather the past or the future. The art of mindfulness is being in uptime.

Improve your ability to stay and operate in downtime through:

  • Meditation
  • Playing chess
  • Working on outcomes

Of course meditation can also help you to remain in uptime, listening to your breathing and thinking only about how you are feeling, listening to what is going on around you etc.