Learning State (Hakalau)- NLP

The Learning State

Do you ever have times when you find it difficult to relax due to your overactive mind?  Also times when you cannot concentrate on learning something because you have other things on your mind?

Sometimes it is not convenient to have this internal dialogue.  For occasions like that NLP has borrowed a technique from Hawaii, called the Hakalua which comes from ancient Huna.  In NLP we call it The Learning State.

The Learning State is absolutely sure to help you in a learning environment to concentrate on learning.  It is sure to help the knowledge go straight in and to stay there.  We teach it to children, and it never fails to help them improve their grades.

Here’s what you do to get into the Learning State:

  1. While facing straight ahead, pick a spot on the wall to look at.  Preferably the spot will be above eye level so that your field of vision seems to rest up against your eyebrows, leaving you with full vision.
  2. As you stare at this spot just let your thoughts come and go, and focus all your attention on this spot.
  3. Notice as you stare at the spot that within a few minutes your vision begins to spread out.  Allow it to continue to do that. You begin to see more in your peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision.
  4. Now, pay attention to the peripheral. Pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision.
  5. If you are looking at a wall, begin to notice that you can see the corners of the room, the ceiling and the floor, all without moving your eyes.

As you stay in this state, notice how you feel, notice what you can see.

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In our certification courses you can benefit from video and audio instruction in this and all areas of NLP.

Experience of using the Learning State from NLP

Light-bulb moment…. To explain, until now I was unaware that this was a practiced methodology or technique as it is a ‘state’ that I have used and evolved over many years. From my very early boot-camp days in sales aged just 12 to my roller-coaster of a career, building and running several businesses and working for international plc’s; latterly to managing the decline of my physical and cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration and processing information.

My ‘learning state’ has and continues to support my acute sense of enhanced consciousness, sensory awareness and focus, on both myself and those around me enabling me to tap into and map psychological triggers, gain trust and take more control of my own thinking and emotions.

For example; contrary to my own beliefs, I have, in recent years, rediscovered my ability and appetite for self-development. My ‘learning state now enables me to expand my mind and capabilities beyond the boundaries of my neurology in a way that navigates and overcomes the fears and negative, or limiting beliefs I had. I suppose I could compare it to being in a private zone; when I’m in it I feel content, even safe, nothing else seems to matter, everyday distractions and thoughts are freed from my mind and my focus is elevated to the here and now. The more challenging, the more meaningful, and ultimately the more success I have.

Indeed, this learning state has, and will continue to enable me to adapt a more positive mental and physical mindset in all of my personal and professional endeavors.