NLP Pattern Interrupt


NLP Pattern Interrupt is interrupting a pattern of behaviour or thoughts.

Could be used to induce trance, interrupt an unresourceful pattern of behaviour.

A pattern interrupt gets us out when we are stuck in a rut.  Can produce momentary confusion or even amnesia.  Eg Starting to do something, being interrupted and then can’t remember what it was.

More than ninety percent of the thoughts that you have today will be the same as the ones that you had yesterday, and some of these thoughts will reoccur more than once in a single day, in fact some thoughts seem to just recycle in the brain don’t they.

One way of overcoming these repetitive thought patterns is to do some exercise, go to sleep, have a party, anything like this may act as a Pattern Interrupt. In the morning or after exercise you may not remember what you were worried about.

In order to interrupt someone elses thought patterns you may just choose to throw your hands in the air in mid sentence, it may seem odd but it will do the job!