Presuppositions in NLP

NLP language patterns are used by all of us all of the time and one of the most common of those NLP language patterns is called Presuppositions.

Presuppositions are the NLP equivalent of assumptions. You can easily understand how to use these patterns in order to influence another person positively and for their benefit.

Let’s say for example that you were assisting someone in learning a new subject, in order to help them learn quickly and confidently you may say to them “as you learn this subject you realise that you have more resources than you thought possible.”

In this sentence you have made an assumption on their behalf, that they have more resources than they thought possible. It is not necessarily true but it is assumed to be true.

Think about how powerful our beliefs are, they shape our lives. Beliefs are something that we hold to be true. If we believe that we can do something, then we have a good chance of achieving that thing. If we do not believe that we can do something then there is no chance that we can do it. If you believe that you can learn something really easily, then the chances are that you will learn it easily. If you believe that learning something will be really difficult, then you are setting yourself up to struggle.

So, if I were to say to you that “you will be able to learn this really easily,” then I have forced you to contemplate the belief that it will be really easy to learn this. It is not necessarily true but I have suggested that it is and the chances are that if I speak with confidence, then you will believe me. I have therefore assisted you in learning the subject really easily.

You can probably see this a bit more clearly now (Can you? You probably can). The more examples of linguistic assumptions that I give you the more likely it is that you will be able to discover your own language patterns that help people assume beliefs that are empowering for them (is it likely? Probably. I am forcing that assumption on you).

Having now learnt how to use NLP Presuppositions, you can now move easily on to the next NLP Milton Model pattern.

Enjoy using these presuppositions easily and comfortably. They will produce wonderfully positive and powerful results.


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