NLP Reframe & NLP Reframing


In NLP a Reframe is changing the meaning of a communication by changing the context, the frame size or other changes that put the communication into a situation where the meaning is altered.

Reframing is a process through which a problematic behaviour is separated from the positive intention of the internal program or “part” that is responsible for the behaviour. New choices of behaviour are established by having the part responsible for the old behaviour take responsibility for implementing other behaviours that satisfy the same positive intention but don’t have the problematic by-products.


Context Reframe

Think of a new context, a different situation, in which the person will respond differently to the same behaviour or meaning. Ask yourself ‘When else would this behaviour be effective?‘  – In response to ‘I’m too…’ or ‘He’s too…’ or any exaggeration about behaviour.


Content/Meaning Reframe 

Think of another meaning for the same behaviour that will change their response. Ask yourself ‘What else could this behaviour mean?’ – In response to “Whenever x happens”, I respond y.


We have lots of exercises and examples of NLP language patterns in our NLP Training material and it forms a large part of our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training Courses.