Task decomposition NLP (in modelling)

Task decomposition in NLP refers to the whole-part composition structure of a task model. At each level of the decomposition each task can heuristically be seen as having as parts those subtasks that represent steps describing the procedural content of the whole task entities. The association relationship encapsulates this chunk of meaning that extends beyond the boundaries of the individual entities.

Example: An administrator taking an order performs the task, “Taking an Order”.

Taking an Order consists of—that is, decomposes to—the subtasks:

  • Determine Order Items
  • Specify Postage Information
  • Specify Billing Information
  • Finalise Order.

It is important because the map is not the territory! The how, and the detail are the keys to discovering the whole process. This is a fundamental part of NLP, the how and the detail of the processes required to produce excellence in yourself and others.


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