NLP Master Practitioner and Trainers Course Combination

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainers Course Combination


Price £6640  Price £1499

  1. NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer courses combination, discount package.
  2. Price includes certification.
  3. Make your investment in this package and start training online today.

NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner online training course. Stage 2 NLP training

NLP Trainers Course

NLP Trainers training course. Stage 3 NLP training



Two advanced NLP Courses – one combination package, 2 x Courses

  1. NLP Master Practitioner
  2. NLP TrainerNLPEA lethics, standards & NLP AccreditationACCPH Validated CPD Course

6 x Certifications:

1) NLP Master Practitioner, 2) NLP Master Coach, 3) NLP Master Timeline Practitioner, 4) Master Hypnosis Practitioner, 5) NLPEA Transformation Coach™)  6) NLP Trainer

Stage 2 & Stage 3 NLP training.  With this is a bundled package – you save an additional £250 on the courses bought separately.

Go from NLP Master Practitioner to the pinnacle of NLP – become an NLP Trainer.  The full NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer courses in one combined package.

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