The ESTP – Personality Type ESTP

The Perceiver element of the ESTP personality type means that Sensing is extraverted with this personality type and Thinking is Introverted. The dominant function for them in their processing is how they take in information (perception) which in this case is through Sensing rather than Intuition.

Their preferred attitude and their preference for directing and receiving energy is Extraverted rather than Introverted, so they Extravert how they take in information (their Sensing). Extraverted Sensing is therefore their dominant preference and this will display itself in their personality:

Active, involved in experience in the now, practical, realistic, observant

As Extraverted Sensing is their dominant function so Thinking (rather than Feeling) is their next preference.  They Introvert their how they decide and come to conclusions  (Thinking) which leads to them being:

Rational problem solvers, analytical, straightforward and assertive

Their personality dynamic is therefore Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking.  Their third preference is Feeling and their inferior function is Introverted Intuition.



ESTPs may encounter stress in the following situations, they should look out for:

  • Plans or their schedule is too structured
  • They experience health problems that distract them from enjoying the moment
  • There is not enough time for recreational activities
  • They sense a lack of control over timeframes for decisions
  • Their focussed energy brings them no reward

When you are with an ESTP they will respond best to you if you:

  • are flexible
  • talkative
  • use common sense
  • are practical
  • provide hands on skills development
  • give them development that they see the results of right away

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