INTP Personality Type – Being a Personality Type INTP

The Perceiver element of the INTP personality type means that Intuition is extraverted with this personality type and Thinking is Introverted.

Their preference in how they take in information (perception) through Intuition rather than Sensing.

Their preferred attitude and their preference for directing and receiving energy is Introverted rather than Extraverted, so they Introvert how they make decisions and come to conclusions (their Thinking). Introverted Thinking is therefore their dominant preference and this will display itself in their personality:

Contemplative, logical, detached, analytical and objectively critical

As Introverted Thinking is their dominant function so Intuition (rather than Sensing) is their next preference.  They Extravert their how they take information in (Intuition) which leads to them being:

Insightful, ingenious, quick, really curious about how and what makes things work, ideas and theories.


Their personality dynamic is therefore Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Thinking.  Their third preference is Sensing and their inferior function is Extraverted Feeling.

INTPs may feel stressed and should watch out for times when:

  • Others display emotional outbursts (they may also be prone to this!)
  • Their autonomy is interfered with by commitments or workload
  • They isolate themselves and can’t gain others perspectives (perceptual positions NLP process is perfect for developing this aspect)

When you are with an INTP they will respond best to you if you are:

  • businesslike and competent in their eyes
  • tough & logical
  • give them in-depth development opportunities where they can work on their own
  • explore and evaluate, set challenging goals that they can work at creatively and in isolation, thinking about options and critiquing them independently.


Example INTP profiles

Profile 1 – INTP

Subject to the situation, I fall into both the Introvert and Extrovert category – an example being, whilst Training I am thinking about and  doing more than one thing at a time and will think on the spot – this could be interpreted as ‘speaking first and thinking later’, I will go out my way to engage with delegates and build rapport, however when at home I like to have ‘me time’ spending time alone with my own thoughts. Ultimately, when it’s time to recharge my batteries I would rather spend time on my own, this is how I know that my lead system is an Introvert.

I like results and, I find facts and figures interesting, however, I am more of an Intuitor –  I like the how and why things work along exploring ideas and theories along with different scenarios am very future orientated looking ahead to the next goal and how it can be achieved – when studying a certain subject I am Interested in the relationship of ideas and how they be used in in the future – this is how I know I am an Intuitor.

My Internal State is Thinker – I like specifics and clarification, I’m logical, analytical and generally find it easy to make decisions, I don’t struggle making decisions and like to be clear. I am often disassociated, thinking about the bigger picture and am out of the moment. Whilst I would like to still be considered as fair caring and sensible – it’s more important for me to be thought of as reasonable, logical and objective.

In terms of the Adaptation Meta program, I have found it difficult to establish if I am more of a Judger or Perceive, I think it depends on the context – I like order, sequence, organisation and to do lists, traits associated with the judger, however, I like to keep options open as I understand that things can change – and I like to be able to change and fit things to the context – If we were working on a project I would prefer that it was outlined planned and orderly….. but I would also like flexibility to accommodate any unforeseen circumstance…….. could we compromise and have the best of both worlds ?  I think that as I tend to adapt my behavior to situations I probably fall more into the Perceiver category.

Profile 2 – INTP

These are my basics metaprogrammes scales, those who describe me the best knowing that they are the big lines although they tend to be different depending of the area of my life we speak about.

Introvert 1_________________9__10 Extravert

I am more an introvert.

I am a good listener and like to observe. I have few but close relationships. I like to be alone especially when recharging my batteries or studying. I think about what my worlds will provoke or how they will be taken before to speak. I m not a fan of big hugs, especially when I don t consider the person as a close friend 

My extrovert part likes to invite people and make me to need sometimes outside validation (recognition). I use it when performing seminars or teaching to get feedback of my work.

Sensor 1_______________8____10 Intuitor

I am more an Intuitor.

I like to understand how things work and they fit together. I more abstract not so much in details, a chunk-up type. I love puzzles. I may live the present moment although keeping in mind that whatever I do know has an effect on the future.

Thinker 1____________6________10 Feeler

I take decision relatively easily. I am fan of objectivity and fairness. I have a big tendency to be dissociated, I like to analyze. But I m also gentle hearted, carrying on persons feeling, some of my decisions are based on values.

Perceiver 1_____________7______10 Judger

I like a minimum of organization, considering that it makes things easier for everybody but I use it only when it is about studies and work because I like the feeling of freedom, of having options. I find it easier to adapt myself to the world than the opposite. I like to be at time and the other to be at time too, things to be in order. I am different depending on the context.

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