ISFP Personality Type – Being a Personality Type ISFP

The Perceiver element of the ISFP personality type means that Sensing is extraverted with this personality type and Feeling is introverted. Their preference in how they take in information (perception) is through Sensing rather than Intuition.

Their preferred attitude and their preference for directing and receiving energy is Introverted rather than Extraverted, so they Introvert how they make decisions and come to conclusions (their Feeling). Introverted Feeling is therefore their dominant preference and this will display itself in their personality:

Sensitive, gentle, trusting, considerate and kind

As Introverted Feeling is their dominant function so Sensing (rather than Intuition) is their next preference.  They Extravert their how they take information in (Sensing) which leads to them being:

Concrete, factual, observant, realistic, practical


Their personality dynamic is therefore Introverted Feeling with Extraverted Sensing.  Their third preference is Intuition and their inferior function is Extraverted Thinking.

ISFPs may feel a certain level of stress and should watch out for when:

  • They feel pressurised to make long term decisions
  • Encountering complex issues and rules that they consider restrictive
  • In conflict with others close to them
  • Overindulging in self sacrifice
  • Discussing private matters in public
  • Relationships are on the rocks

When you are with an ISFP they will respond best to you if you:

  • are personable
  • show them empathy
  • are supportive, warm
  • give them learning and development with concrete steps to follow
  • make learning tangible, one-to-one or in small groups
  • give them praise and encouragement with positive feedback.

Example ISFP profiles

Profile 1 – ISFP

My partner is my opposite in so many ways and I know today that it is not his fault or goal to get on my nerves or disrespect me but rather his personal programme. He is an introvert and doesn’t need any people around him at all. He is happy doing a job that doesn’t need to involve anyone and in theory he is happy not talking to others in days. He only has one best friend since 30 years and leaves it to me to build new friendship and socialise. He would prefer a movie night in rather than going to a party. Getting into London once a week is enough for him and he hates being squeezed on the Tube. He clearly is not a multi-tasker.

He is also a sensor, prefers clear facts and results. He is one of the few people that truly lives in the present moment. His thinking and communication style is clearly detail oriented, which a lot of our misunderstandings are originated.

He is also a feeler, very nurturing and concerned about people he cares about (not so much others). His decisions are based more on intuition than on facts and his major aim it to feel happy and satisfied. He doesn’t like problems and being bothered with negative stuff. At the same time he is an exceptionally quick decision maker and doesn’t look back on past actions.

He also is a perceiver, extremely focused on keeping its options open. He likes his freedom of not having too many responsibilities and working freelance. His sense of time is terrible – a true in-time person. Often forgets time itself when in the moment. He is very hard to lead and to order, does not accept the concept of higher forces. If interested in a subject – but only then – he is exceptional creative and passionate, but also easily bored. He never finishes a book, putting it away mostly after the first half. Sometimes he is very inconsequent with follow-up and finishing what I concern as “normal” or “logical”. A very free spirit – by heart and mind and soul! Doesn’t share my urgency for planning the future or the next weekend for that matter!

Profile 2 – ISFP

My best friend is the type of person to hug everyone she meets and enjoys organizing parties and have a lot of friends. ..once she gets to know them. At first she is an introvert – they type to sit in her car and walk in last to a meeting to avoid meeting new people. Once she gets to know people she is extremely warm and social with them. (in many ways she is shy at first, and an introvert. Once she gets acquaintance she is the opposite – and extrovert. She is a really good listener – but will often speak before she thinks. (so again half and half)

My best friend is defiantly a sensory person of trait. She does not enjoy fantasizing like I do and visualizing about the future. She lives more in the here and now, and more into facts , and tangible results. She chunks things down and enjoys more the task at hand.

My best friend is a feeler. Unlike myself she is extremely value based and gentle hearted. If she disagrees she will normally keep it to herself because she says other may feel differently about her. She actually shares the same traits as my husband on this one, however she is even MORE a feeler than he is. (Funny I am the complete opposite on this one, as to my husband and best friend, I guess we balance each other in some way)

My best friend is a Perceiver as well as Judge. With people she knows and is comfortable being around  (like her children) she runs an extremely tight ship. She has a lot rules and can be somewhat strict – even compared to my standards. However I know she was brought up in a home with 2 parents that were extremely judgmental. My parents were strict too, but not as near as hers were. She  will make sure her children live up to her high standards at home – but then she becomes a perceiver when put in new, lets say work environments. She will then do all she can to adapt the world around her, be easily distracted and does not see plans as so important if she herself considers them to be “too much for her to handle”. (I guess as a feeler she does that, opposed to she who is a thinker and judge)

Profile 3 – ISFP

My husband is an ISFP. He used to be an extrovert; always gathering people together, entertaining big groups and looking for crowds of people to hang out with. Now he likes to be at home, has two close friends and craves for time alone as well as peace and quiet. He tries to avoid crowded places and looks for quiet holiday places. Part of his desire to move to Finland has to do with the fact that he perceives it to be a quiet and peaceful place with few people and lots of land.

As a Sensor he likes to only talk about tangible things that make sense and are relevant. He has little patience for dreaming and talking about all kinds of possible future scenarios. In his world they do not exist and are a waste of time. He is practical, likes to see tangible results for his works and enjoys facts and figures.

As a Feeler, he is very sacrificial and likes to go out of his way to help others. He has great capacity for empathy and wants to be seen as a caring and fair person. He writes songs and is not embarrassed to let his sensitive side show, even when he is teaching in front of a group of people. His feelings play a big part on his decisions and activities along the day.

As a Perceiver he is not easily committed to anything. He doesn’t like to make plans and wants to keep his options open. He is seldom on time and isn’t usually very aware of time either. He prefers to just see how things go and do whatever comes up, when and if something comes up.

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