ISTJ personality type – Personality Type ISTJ

The Judger element of the ISTJ personality type means that Thinking is extraverted with this personality type and Sensing is Introverted. In their processing they decide and come to conclusions (judgements) through Thinking rather than Feeling.

Their preferred attitude and their preference for directing and receiving energy is Introverted rather than Extraverted, so they Introvert how they take in information (their Sensing). Introverted Sensing is therefore their dominant preference and this will display itself in their personality:

Realistic, practical and sensible. systematic

As Introverted Sensing is their dominant function so Thinking (rather than Feeling) is their next preference.  They Extravert their how they decide and come to conclusions (Thinking) which leads to them being:

Analytical and logical. detached and reasonable


Their personality dynamic is therefore Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Thinking.  Their third preference is Feeling and their inferior function is Extraverted Intuition.

ISTJs may be susceptible to stress in the following situations and they should watch out for:

  • when they see others ignoring common sense
  • when all perceived options indicate a bleak future
  • when they deny their own needs, working too hard
  • when people offer them less than specific advice
  • leaving behind routines and the “known”

When you are with an ISTJ they will respond best to you if you:

  • are brief
  • provide them with specific facts
  • are highly experienced
  • use step by step methods
  • honour timeframes and goals
  • make sure that their learning is practical and can be used straight away.

Living as an ISTJ

Profile 1

I feel (interesting choice of words from a thinker!) I am a combination of introvert and extravert. When it comes to career paths, I am definitely an introvert. I hear what people advise me, however, I like to be left alone to think through what I want and I generally motivate myself with this. This is the same about some other things which have a commitment basis (relationship and long term commitments etc.). I believe this comes from the time when I was young and I was told that my decisions are my own and I am responsible for any good or bad consequence which arriveds from my decisions. I was encouraged that if I am to do something for the future, it would benefit me to reflect on the positives and negatives and make a decision based on facts. I was (obviously) told that it is good to get advice and see what others think, but ultimately, whatever the decision is, it is mine and no one else’s and its best to experience things in life and feel confident with my own decision.

I am more of a sensor in the majority of what I do. I like practical, realistic approaches and I always want to know how things work; I like to get inside things and really explore. I do not like not knowing something or having a vague imaginative answer to things. However, I believe I  also have intuitor tendencies after I have learnt a logical, practical sequence to things. An example of this is, I love playing the piano. I spent few months with a piano tutor but didn’t know how a piano (the instrument itself) worked. I learnt about the instrument; when was it made, how are the strings attached, what does the little hidden hammers do inside the piano shell and how does the pedal influence each note played (sensor). After realising this, I switched to being an intuitor with the piano and I felt this helped. When I struggled with a piece of music, I would start to compose and let my imagination free. I did not need a reason or a theoretical basis on things like ‘how to place my fingers over the keys- called fingering’. I was told I was doing it right and naturally without being taught the skill. In saying this, as mentioned above, a lot of what I do (with work, personal life and achievements) is based on me being a sensor rather than an intuitor.

I am a thinker rather than a feeler. I focus on logic and have clear ideas about what I want or the decisions that I make. I do have feelings towards decisions, however, my final decisions are based on what is best rather than how I feel towards it. I like doing things in my own time but with a set time that I have set for myself. I love sensible decisions and have learnt this has positive influences for the future. I believe this comes from a long history of training and doing back to back science degrees both related to health and safety of a people’s lives.

I am more of a judger than a perceiver. I definitely like a pattern of sequence to stick to and complete projects, moving on to the next through a systematic order. There are times that I am a perceiver and look for choices to decide on what I want to do, to make a confirmed decision and like to explore things before I set my mind on something. However, I work best when I know what I want and do it in a logical order.

Profile 2


I am: in day to day life predominantly introvert when alone and a feel a somewhat reluctant Extrovert. However, when placed in a group environment or company of another, I am very extrovert.

I know because: I like/prefer my own company. A few select friends, a non hugger, and internally focussed. However in a group I am, demanding of attention/outside validation, (what my wife has always amusingly called my “like me like me”) and “speak first, think later”.


I am: Evenly split 50/50 on average

I know because: I like tangible results, and the detail of figures, however I am also attracted to abstract thought, ideas and theories and how things work/relate, an I’ll never “read” a magazine cover to cover.


I am: 60/40 split.

I know because: I will tell people when I disagree, and I am firm minded (“strong opinions weakly held” !!), I am fair and experience a considerable amount of Ad, but have strong values but I know I wish I had more “Feeler” attributes.


I am: 65/35 split

I know because: I like to be organised, I love tidiness, I’m a committed “iCal” user, I’ve got to be on time, and everyday I write a list, quite often more than one, but I am creative and spontaneous, and “no worries” is probably one of my most used phrases!


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