Associated (and dissociated) in NLP

  • Associated – memory or thought as seen through ones own eyes is associated.
  • Dissociated – seeing yourself in the picture.

These terms are used generally in NLP in submodality work, to ensure that the client has the correct picture in mind to create the desired results.


When is it useful to have a memory associated? 

  • To make a state or event appear as real. In order to be immersed in one’s own experience. Feel emotions.
  • Present state associated.
  • Could be used to test emotions or otherwise on a future event.
  • To bring back to life events and emotions from the past.


and dissociated?

  • When you complete work on something that you want to make compelling. Such as working on successful outcomes as explained in detail on our NLP Practitioner training courses.
  • Memory that is dissociated is a direction.  Memories put back in the future should be dissociated for this reason.
  • Desired state dissociated.
  • To look on some event in an objective way to take learnings from it- Trauma/Phobia
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