Disney Pattern

Having trouble gaining inspiration in a project that you are doing?  This is a great technique to carry out in order to gain new ideas and new insights.

Basic Disney Pattern NLP Technique Guidelines

  • From meta position (neutral) select three physical locations (in a triangular pattern) and label them: Dreamer, Realist, Critic
  • Anchor the appropriate strategy for each physical location: eg Think of a time you were able to creatively dream up or fantasise new ideas without any inhibitions;step into the dreamer location and relive that experience. Break state and then repeat for Realist and Critic locations.
  • Pick an outcome you want to achieve and step into Dreamer location.  Visualise accomplishing the goal as if you were a character in a movie.
  • Break State by returning to meta position.  Access the information from dreamer.
  • Step into Realistic and then Critic in turn, breaking state in between.
  • Step back into the dreamer location to creatively change the plan to incorporate the information gathered from realist and dreamer
  • Cycle through steps until your plan congruently fits each position.


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