Ecology in NLP


Ecology is the study of consequences in NLP. It is the dynamic balance of elements in any system. A concern for the overall relationship between a being and its environment. The overall relationship between a person and their thoughts, strategies, behaviours, capabilities, values and beliefs. .

It is important to take account of ecology so that you can study the possible consequences of a planned action or change and also so that NLP does not become manipulative.


Ecology and Outcomes:

Ecology is important in considering outcomes in order to ensure that the impact of achieving the outcome is positive for the individual and that achieving it is congruent with the overall goals and desired code of conduct of the individual.  Also that the impact on others is positive for them.

How do you know that your work is ecological?  Use the evidence frame prior to doing the work: What will you see, hear, feel or experience once the work is complete? Check for ecology with ecology frame.  Check with the client.  Internal check.  Backtrack frame. Future Pace use Perceptual Positions.

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