Beliefs – NLP


Beliefs are convictions or acceptances that certain things are true or real. They are generalisations about the world. They are our on/off switches about whether we can do anything. They are conscious enough to be valuable.


Beliefs and Values

  1. Beliefs are concepts that we hold to be true.
  2. Values are ideas that we hold to be important.
  3. Values govern the way we behave, communicate and interact with others
  4. Beliefs and values determine our attitudes and opinions.


Beliefs and Knowing

Beliefs are invariably arrived at through a process of logical deduction and/or are taught to people by their peers, mentors, and society – whereas knowing something is always arrived at through personal experience.


Belief System

A belief system is the actual set of precepts from which we live your daily life, those which govern your thoughts, words, and actions.


Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are hardened, rock-like thoughts and assumptions usually based on early choices and decisions than are likely long forgotten. Core beliefs are lies about yourself that you have swallowed e.g. “I am unlovable”, “I am ugly”, “I am totally incompetent”.

Neither our beliefs nor our values are fixed for life and you can achieve significant improvements in your levels of happiness and growth by identifying and changing your limiting beliefs.

NLP Techniques for changing beliefs (all covered in detail in our NLP training courses and NLP e-Learning packages).