Kinesthetic – NLP

Kinesthetic – The word originates from ancient greece and means with feeling.  You will be familiar with the word anaesthetic which means without feeling.

In NLP kinesthetic refers to our sense of feeling. We have representational systems which are Kinesthetic (feeling), one that is Visual (seeing), one that is Auditory (Hearing), Gustatory (Tasting), and Olfactory (smelling).

If we are oriented towards our feelings, then we may have a preference for our Kinesthetic representational system.

We can have internal feelings, emotions, and we can also feel and touch externally.


Kinesthetic External Acuity

Your ability to experience feeling ssomething through your sense of touch.

Improve it:

  • Be in the learning state
  • Become aware of what you touch
  • Become aware of the feel of your clothes on your body

Kinesthetic Internal Awareness and Construct

Your ability to generate feelings and get the feel of things in your mind.

Improve your ability to do this:

  • Be aware of your body, which parts are tense etc
  • Ask yourself – what am I feeling right now? what do I want right now? What is important to me right now?
  • Feel the connection between all parts of the body

Being self aware is one of the keys to being a successful NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, we spend time developing these skills on our NLP Training, you can access these now online through our NLP online training programmes.