Visual – NLP Visual Acuity


In NLP we have a visual representational system.  This is enables us to see things.


Visual External Acuity

Your ability to see things externally.  Eg The writing on this screen!

Ways to improve your visual external acuity:

  • Stop audio input, and imagine that you cant hear and you will find yourself seeing more details then before. Someone that is deaf sees more than people that hear and people that are blind hear much more.
  • Train yourself in visual acuity by finding differences in peoples face or body (state change : angry, happy, afraid,…) example: place 10 items in a room see the room for X seconds, turn away, let someone take one away or replace it, check the room, ext…)
  • Train your Peripheral awareness or vision – the learning state. See our NLP online training material for full instruction on accessing the learning state.



Visual internal awareness and flexibility


Improve your ability to make pictures and see things in your mind:


  • Turn down your internal dialogue
  • Adjust your breathing patterns. Slow down breathing
  • Begin to develop an ability to differentiate between different colours in different geometrical shapes. By focussing on a red triangle externally and then practising representing the same image internally, visual acuity can be developed.